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ESPA Mindful Massage

£85 / 1hr10mins

A  massage to calm both mind and body, beginning with a foot zone massage to rebalance and ground, before a soothing massage is continued up through the body, finishing with a re-energising scalp massage using warm Rose Quartz Crystals.

Salt and Polish Scrub

£49 / 25mins

A thorough body exfoliation followed by an application of nourishing body oil to leave the skin smooth and free of dry skin.

ESPA Aromatherapy Face, Back and Scalp

£85 / 1hr10mins

A deeply relaxing treatment incorporating back exfoliation and massage, an aromatherapy facial and deep scalp massage.

Top to Toe

£100 / 1hr25mins

This highly luxurious ESPA treatment includes a full body massage, hair oil and mask treatment and a facial and scalp massage.

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5 Treatments
Facial being applied, The Spa

Age – Defying Facials

10 Treatments
Rose quartz temple massage

Relaxing and Rejuvenating Facials

8 Treatments
Moisturising cream


12 Treatments
Woman relaxing in Spa


4 Treatments
Pedicure oil massage

Manicures and Pedicures

8 Treatments
Hot stone massage

Maternity Treatments

2 Treatments
Massage oils

Treatments for Teens

7 Treatments
The indoor pool in The Spa

Parent and Teen Pamper Experience

1 Treatments
Back massage

Treatments for Men

11 Treatments
Manicure being applied

Express Treatments

6 Treatments
swimming pool, runnymede on thames

Spa Day Experiences

5 Treatments
women in bathrobes eating fruit and drink juice, runnymede on thames

Half Day Experiences

4 Treatments

Finishing touches

7 Treatments
Girl in white room - Spa


1 Treatments

Be Nurtured

5 Treatments