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Our location by the River Thames near Windsor places us at the heart of one of England’s most stunning natural environments. We take our responsibility towards the environment – both locally and globally – seriously. As a result, we consider sustainability in all aspects of our work, adopting sustainable business practices and innovative, environmentally-friendly solutions whenever we can.

Zero waste to landfill

We successfully diverted 100% of our waste from landfill sites, as part of The Greener Path Programme. We’ve won a Greener Path Award for our work in this field too.


No food waste

Our Eco-Safe Digester ensures no food waste ever leaves The Runnymede on Thames. The digester aerobically digests all food waste, breaking it down into liquid form which is safely removed as wastewater through normal sewer lines.

Electric car charging point

We’re one of the first two hotels in the UK to have a charging point for electric cars in our car park. The POLAR Chargemaster makes having an electric car more convenient for our guests and for those travelling on the network of major roads and motorways near The Runnymede on Thames.

Tackling plastics

We stopped using plastic straws and stirrers in all of our Restaurants and Bars in March 2018 and now use ‘bio-degradable’ paper straws and bamboo stirrers.

We use ESPA products in our spa and bedrooms, who only use renewable plastics and exclude non-renewable and harmful ingredients from their products, including mineral oil and parabens. We also collect all of our part used ESPA products from guest bedrooms (Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash and Soap) which is then emptied into larger containers and sent to third world countries and the plastics recycled by Clean the World.

Global but sustainable

When we work with suppliers from further afield, we look at the sustainability credentials of these partners to ensure they are a positive fit for us. For example, we sell gift ducks by the wooden duck company, DCUK. Made in Indonesia from bamboo roots that would otherwise be discarded, this company has also helped local people earn good wages wage and preserve local craft traditions.

Paper and trees

Our printer only uses FSC accredited paper suppliers and prints our collateral on vegetable based inks as they less harmful to the environment and the staff handling them than traditional printing inks.

Our paper supplier works with the Woodland Trust and plants trees for every tonne of paper The Runnymede on Thames buys.

In 2018, we created 40.08m² of new native woodland in the UK, removing 1.603 tons of carbon dioxide.

Electric boats

Getting out and about on the river is a time-honoured tradition in our neck of the woods. We have two electric family riverboats in our fleet to ensure these activities are more sustainable. We also organise dragon boat racing for team-building days, where only elbow grease is required!


We have installed LED lighting throughout The Runnymede on Thames. LED light bulbs reduce energy consumption by up to 80% in comparison with conventional light bulbs.

Supporting WaterAid

Our Leftbank Restaurant has been raising money for WaterAid since it opened in 2009. When guests order a carafe of water, we encourage them to donate 50p, of which 100% is donated to WaterAid. To date we’ve raised more than £25,812 for the charity, which is committed to giving underprivileged communities around the world sustainable access to water.