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Tips for outdoor exercise During Winter

It can be less tempting to exercise during winter, especially outdoors. Take a look at our top tips which should help you brave the cold.

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Dress to stay warm and dry

Our extremities are affected most by low temperatures so stick on some gloves and a headband or woolly hat as well as thick socks. We also recommend layering up, that way, if you get too hot you can simply remove a layer. Plus, the layers will trap warm air next to your body. As well as staying warm, make sure you stay dry too as the quickest way of losing body heat is to get wet. Avoid cotton tops or leggings which will soak up sweat and hold in moisture.

Don’t skip the warm up

You should always warm up before exercise, but in chilly weather this is even more important as our muscles are colder, tighter and more susceptible to injury. Warm up quickly with moves like jumping jacks, short bursts of high knees and activate your muscles with simple squats and leg raises.

Wear bright colours

On dark, drizzly days, visibility can be poor. Although you may be more comfortable in chic, black running gear, during winter we recommend opting for brighter colours so you won’t be missed.  If it’s really dark, buy some reflective clothes and wear a flashlight so you can see clearly where you’re stepping.

Stay hydrated

You might not feel like you need to drink as much as in the colder weather, but you can still become dehydrated which will slow you down and put you at a higher risk of injury, so don’t forget your water bottle! Our top tip is to fill your bottle with warm water, which will quickly cool down to room temperature once your outdoors, making it easier to drink.

Get ready the night before

When you’re cosy in bed, going straight outside to workout is even more difficult. Why not ease the pain by having warm clothes to put on in the morning? Simply leave your workout clothes on the radiator overnight.

Vary your workouts

Of course there are days where you will just not want to step outside, so to ensure you are still enjoying exercising, keep your workouts varied. Go for a swim in a warm pool, try an online yoga class or one of our HIIT workouts that you can do from the comfort of your living room.


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