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The most outrageous Christmas party stories from around the world

Here’s how the season of eating, drinking and being merry can go wrong… We’ve unearthed our favourite outrageous Christmas party stories.

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You’re hired

In the US, a job hunter found herself being interviewed at a company the day after their Christmas party. When she arrived, she discovered the whole office smelled of alcohol and noticed the majority of employees hadn’t managed to make it into work. Luckily her interview panel had turned up, so the interview could proceed… Except these individuals were clearly in a bit of a state themselves. They thought she had already been hired and all they needed to do was start training her. Our lucky job hunter went along with it, and still works for the company to this day!

Kilts and Christmas

Sometimes office Christmas parties become the time when a year’s worth of annoyances become unbearable. This was the case for a Scottish computer programmer on his work Christmas party. Becoming so annoyed with one particular colleague, he could stand it no longer…so he took off his kilt and slung it over her shoulder! And yes, he was wearing his kilt like a ‘True Scotsman’, with nothing on underneath…

Party trick fail

Over in London, one confident Christmas party-goer decided to wow his colleagues by showing them his party trick – pulling the table cloth from under the glasses. Things didn’t quite go according to plan, however. Instead of pulling the table cloth away clean, he knocked over every single glass and bottle of wine on the table, covering each and every one of his colleagues with (very expensive) red wine!

Waste not, want not

In Canada, one employee at a Christmas party seemed a little distracted throughout the meal and wasn’t joining in the general merriment. Later on – presumably when she thought people were too inebriated to notice – she pulled out some take-away boxes from under the table. She promptly packed up all the leftovers and then went home. She was further caught out by Instagramming pictures of her serving the very same food at a dinner party the following day!

Time for a cold shower

In Norway, a company hosted its Christmas party in a hotel, providing overnight accommodation for everyone too. One particular employee told colleagues he’d had too much to drink and so was going to have a cold shower to sober up. The shower didn’t work at all, as he ended up falling asleep in the shower instead, which proceeded to overflow. The damages caused to the hotel totalled hundreds of thousands of Norwegian Kroner!

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