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5 best cocktails for National Cocktail Day

With vegan and non-alcoholic options as well as innovative twists on old classics – there really is no excuse not to indulge on National Cocktail Day this 24th March.

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1. Lychee and Elderflower Martini

National Cocktail Day coincides with the start of spring and the onset of elderflower season in Britain, making this cocktail perfect for the occasion. The tipple of choice in this cocktail is Belvedere vodka, which we love for the fact it has zero additives. Added to this is St-Germain elderflower liqueur – made by a French distillery which uses elderflowers that are hand-picked just once a year in springtime. With a splash of refreshing lychee juice and the zing of a little fresh lime juice – plus an all-vegan ingredients list – this is our top choice for National Cocktail Day.

2. Strawberry Crush

Who said National Cocktail Day has to be an alcohol-fuelled affair? If you’re in the mood for a non-alcoholic cocktail, the Strawberry Crush is just the ticket. Bringing a taste of summer a little early, this mocktail is made with a handful of fresh strawberries – packed full of Vitamin C, antioxidants and sweet juiciness. Splashes of lime juice and cranberry juice add a bit of contrast, while grenadine brings a rich, velvety texture. This is a feel-good cocktail with a virtuous flourish!

3. Passion Fruit Martini

Adding an exotic twist to National Cocktail Day, the vegan Passion Fruit Martini is both alluring and invigorating. The basis of this cocktail is Blackwoods vintage gin – an award-winning gin-maker we love because it’s only made in small batches using traditional techniques with a copper pot and hand-picked Shetland botanicals. Add a generous serving of fresh passion fruit juice and lime fruit juice for a little extra verve, plus a dash of vanilla for a hint of fragrant sweetness.

4. Rhubarb Negroni

This unusual twist on the Negroni – a favourite Italian cocktail – is ideal if you want to try something totally new this National Cocktail Day. A traditional Negroni is made with equal parts of gin, red vermouth and Campari. In this cocktail, replace standard gin with Warner Edwards Rhubarb Gin for a truly original cocktail. Ideal for celebrating the onset of England’s rhubarb season – this gin was inspired by rhubarb crops grown in Queen Victoria’s kitchen garden. Combined with Campari and Martini Rosso, it’s ideal as an aperitif or digestif.

5. Moscow Mule

The origins of this much-loved cocktail are believed to be found in 1940s New York. A group of friends, including Pierre Smirnoff and the president of a company called Cock ‘n’ Bull – who had just invented ginger beer – were together in a bar. Their various trades led them to mix together vodka, ginger beer and a squeeze of citrus fruits – and the rest was history! This version includes Ketel One Vodka – a silky, citrus-imbued vodka make by Dutch distillers – blended with Fever-Tree ginger beer.

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