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What is Twixmas?

We take a look at the meaning of Twixmas ahead of the festive season, plus share our top tips on how to spend the occasion.

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No, it’s not the Christmas advertising campaign for the chocolate bar Twix!

Twixmas is the period of time in between Christmas and New Year – from 27th to 30th December to be exact. It’s that lull in between festivities when many people also have a little time off from work. Many people have found themselves at a bit of a loose end at this time of year. With family festivities finished and the anticipation of New Year’s Eve still on the horizon, many people wish they had planned something to do when this time of year comes around. And so the term ‘Twixmas’ was coined, making the time of year an occasion after all!

Although it’s a relatively new trend, the term ‘Twixmas’ originates from the archaic word ‘betwixt’, which means ‘between’. According to Google Trends, Google searches for the term ‘Twixmas’ peaks in around November each year, with an increasing interest in the idea of Twixmas noted during the last two years. Google Trends also says that it’s predominantly a British thing, but there is some interest in Twixmas in the United States, Brazil, India, Vietnam and Indonesia too!

Here are our top tips of things to do at Twixmas:

Plan a staycation

You may be exhausted from playing host over Christmas, or simply want to make the most of your time off work. A staycation will whisk you away from the routine of home, but you won’t have to travel too far for some proper time off.

Make the most of festive attractions

It can be a little chaotic in the run-up to Christmas and many of us don’t manage to enjoy all the festive activities going on for the season. Many Christmas attractions stay open during Twixmas too, so whether it’s ice skating, watching a pantomime or a visit to Hogwarts in the Snow, there’s still time to make the most of the season!

Get active

Christmas is often about pure indulgence and being indoors, while New Year’s Eve is about yet more indulgence! Make the most of your time in between to feel a little healthier. Go for a brisk countryside walk or do some exercise you enjoy – you’ll appreciate the head-start when January rolls around!

Watch a film

Having hectic lives often means we sit down to watch a film more rarely than we’d like. Twixmas is the ideal time to indulge in pure ‘you’ time – so go to the cinema, watch a Christmas movie on catch-up television, or snuggle up under the duvet for a movie marathon.

Go to the spa

If relaxation is your ultimate goal during Twixmas, take it a step further by indulging in a spa experience. Choose your idea of a perfect spa treatment, laze around in a dressing gown reading magazines, and enjoy the sauna, steam room and whirlpool. Pure Twixmas bliss!

Our Twixmas offer at The Runnymede on Thames includes an indulgent three night stay for the price of two, a glass of fizz on arrival, welcome hot chocolate and marshmallows in your room, breakfast each morning and unlimited use of our award-winning spa.

Happy Twixmas to you!

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