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What happens in 2020 according to movies, TV shows + video games

Will we find out we’re descendants from Martians? Maybe a dragon will fly out of the London Underground. Or perhaps we’ll harness solar power from space. We take a look at movies, TV shows and video games set in 2020 to see what they say will happen this year.

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The Moon has been colonised

In 1965, an American science fiction film was made called Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet. Set in 2020, the Moon has already been colonised and astronauts are being sent to explore Venus. While exploring the planet, they are attacked by prehistoric animals, but find evidence of a lost civilisation on Venus, with artefacts indicating the planet’s former inhabitants actually looked human…

Solar system energy

SimCity3000 (1999) is a computer game set in 2020, where microwave power plants have been invented so solar energy from space can be harnessed. The next level of finding alternative energy sources!

Aliens are invading

In Edge of Tomorrow (2014), the film is set in 2020 and most of Europe has been invaded by an alien race called Mimics. They arrived via asteroid in Germany in 2015 and quickly conquered most of the continent. When the film joins the situation in 2020, a global defence force has finally enjoyed a localised victory thanks to new powerful exoskeletons. Tom Cruise as Major William Cage finds himself in the midst of this, finding himself in a loop of battles with the Mimics and then waking up at Heathrow Airport – now a military base.

Humanoid robots

In the film I, Robot (2004) starring Will Smith, the company that created humanoid robots to serve humanity was founded in 2020.

We discover the Martians created us

Mission to Mars (2000) is a film that sees astronauts in 2020 embark on the first ever mission to Mars. Instead of finding that the planet is habitable, the astronauts discover that Mars was previously hit by an asteroid that caused the natives of Mars to evacuate. The Martians left in spacecrafts, but sent one of these crafts to Earth with DNA to create humans – who would later have the capability of landing on Mars. As humans are recognised as being descendants of Martians, one astronaut is invited to continue his journey to meet the former Mars natives in their new home planet.

Underwater community

In Sealab 2020 – a Hanna-Barbera cartoon series from 1972 – a community of 250 men, women and children are actually living under the ocean to study marine life.

We find out dragons made dinosaurs extinct

Reign of Fire (2002) is a film that follows the discovery of a dragon in the London Underground – thought to have been in deep hibernation after making dinosaurs extinct. By 2020, dragons have set their sights on humans next…

In lighter news…

The 1991 video game Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time had a level called ‘Neon Night Riders’ that was set in 2020. In it, a city scene was shown lit up in ‘futuristic’ neon lights. Now we think this is one thing that may be possible in 2020!

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