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Wellness tips for Spring

Get yourself well and truly out of the winter hibernation with our wellness tips for spring.

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Eat fresh

Make the most of seasonal spring produce and all the ingredients that are fresh at this time of year. Lots of vegetables are coming into season around now, including asparagus, purple sprouting broccoli, spinach and watercress. These nutrient-packed foods will give your body a vitamin-boost, while they’ll give your skin a renewed glow too.

Get some fresh air

It’s easy to hibernate indoors during the winter to stay cosy, but getting outdoors as the days get longer and brighter is perfect for a little feelgood factor. Go for a walk in the countryside and soak up some vitamin D from the sun when it shines.

Fitness fun

Another symptom of our winter hibernation is that exercise routines can fall by the wayside. Enjoy the renewed vigour spring brings and add a little more fitness into your life. Take up a new sport or ease yourself in gently by power walking a few times a week. Whatever you do, you’ll feel fitter, fresher and more motivated to continue exercising throughout spring.

Spruce up your skin

Spring is all about preparing our bodies and skins for the warmer weather after central heating and the colder winter weather can leave skin dehydrated. Use an exfoliating mitt and exfoliating shower gel to give your skin a spring clean, and apply some radiance-boosting moisturiser after showering, while your skin is still damp. This removes dead skin cells and gives your skin some much needed hydration in one go.

Feed your skin with nutrients with one of our recommended treatments:

The Hydradermie, 1hr 10mins, £72

This facial transmits energy to the skin cells through ionisation which ensures quick and effective distribution of the active ingredients, whilst boosting cell oxygenation. The massage is relaxing but simultaneously stimulates the circulation to provide a glowing and renewed radiance. During consultation, our therapist will choose products to specifically suit your individual needs so that results are immediate. Home care advice will focus on protection and repair, preparing the skin for the warmer climate ahead.

Hands and Feet For all Seasons Manicure and Pedicure, 55mins, £46

Skin on hands and feet will have suffered during the winter months and have often been neglected. Within these treatments we address dehydration, cuticles, removing dry, dead skin particles and reducing cracked heels. Using oils and rich creams, hands and feet can be restored in time for the ‘flip flop’ and short sleeve seasons.

Salt and Polish Scrub, 25mins, £49

With our bodies having been ensconced in trousers and jumpers during the winter months, it is important to prepare the skin prior to sun exposure. We highly recommend the ‘salt and polish scrub’ as the first ‘spring’ treatment. Dry, dead skin cells are removed and the skin is then nourished with rich and hydrating oils or creams, restoring radiance, smoothness and hydration. Exfoliation, plus application of moisturisers and oils will be recommended as part of a homecare routine to ensure these results are maintained.

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