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Spring Health and Wellbeing Tips

Springtime - where signs of new life burgeon from all corners. And with this seasonal shift comes the perfect opportunity to evaluate and refresh the way we manage our personal well-being and look to implement a selection of robust and holistic techniques to help us thrive. So, here are our five top tips for spring wellness…

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1. Get Outside 

It is no secret that light boosts our serotonin levels, lifting our mood. So now we’ve entered the season of spring, where the days are longer and ever-so-slightly warmer, try to spend more time outdoors. Getting in touch with nature is known to be calming and a great de-stressor, so perhaps opt for a workout in the great outdoors. We’ve got plenty of wonderful trails and a river towpath right on our doorstep, offering a scenic location for a leisurely bike ride or an energised jog. If cardio isn’t your thing then why not take your next yoga class outside instead?

2. Eat the Season 

A shift in season brings with it a bountiful selection of tasty produce. This spring, think pomegranate, banana, rhubarb, cauliflower, radish and spring greens, to name just a few. For a seasonal protein fix, salmon, crab and halibut are all on the menu too! Eating seasonally not only encourages a nutritionally-diverse diet but you’ll also be doing your bit for the environment, so what’s not to love?! If you’re not sure where to start, check out our delicious seasonal offering in Leftbank. 

3. Get Plenty of Sleep 

Spring is the time where many species come out of hibernation and immediately flourish due to a prolonged period of deep, quality sleep. So, wouldn’t it make sense for us as humans to do the same? As much as some of us would like to sleep for weeks on end, it is just not feasible. Therefore, ensuring you’re getting enough sleep at night is the least you can do for your mental and physical well-being. We wrote a blog post about how to get the perfect sleep, so if you’re struggling to switch off at night we recommend you give it a read!   


4. Partake in Spring Cleaning 

Spring-cleaning is a ‘thing’ for a reason, with the process of thoroughly cleaning your home evoking feelings of great satisfaction. There’s evidence to suggest that living in a cluttered environment can negatively affect one’s mental health and productivity, so what are you waiting for? Stick on your favourite playlist and get spring-cleaning!

5. Practice Mindfulness 

This isn’t necessarily exclusive to spring and should ideally be exercised all year round to improve emotional wellness. When looking to make any positive changes in your life, it’s important to remember that it starts with you and your thoughts, so it’s important to practise mindfulness. Take advantage of the warmer weather and try some mindfulness techniques outdoors, perhaps when on a walk. 

With plenty of opportunities to sample seasonal produce and practice mindfulness, a revitalising mini-break by the river could be just the ticket…

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