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Spring Spa Breaks

Combining massage with mindfulness is the ideal way to say ‘hello’ to the spring season. Here’s why.

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Spring is the season when we feel hopeful and energised. The days are longer, lighter and warmer, helping us feel more motivated and invigorated. Transitioning our bodies from winter to spring sometimes needs a helping hand, making it the perfect time to have a spa treatment.

The energised feeling spring brings is, in fact, more than just a feeling; it’s based on science too. The human body has a palpable response to light. While low levels of light make our bodies want to rest, higher light levels make us feel a lot more active. Vitamin D plays a part in this, with more light washing away the fatigue of winter when this crucial vitamin reaches our skin from the sun. So, as the winter hibernation becomes a spring awakening, it’s more than just our imaginations at play when we feel altogether more revived.

Despite all the good feelings spring brings, our bodies don’t necessarily catch up with what the weather is doing immediately. It can be difficult to shrug off the feeling of winter, and our mood, energy levels and sleeping patterns can suffer disruption before finding an equilibrium again. That’s why we recommend the ESPA Mindful Massage at this time of year.

The signature treatment in our award-winning spa, this is an experience that targets the mind as much as the body. The treatment begins with a foot zone massage, which helps you to rebalance and feel grounded. A soothing massage then progresses through the body, ending with a re-energising scalp massage using warm rose quartz crystals.

Many beauty experts believe crystals help smooth skin and aid lymphatic drainage. Others believe the electromagnetic field rose crystals have helped to revive dull skin, while generally bringing about a look and feeling of radiance. As one of the latest trends in spa treatments rose quartz is widely hailed as reducing stress in both the body and mind.

An equally important part of the treatment is the mindfulness element. All about focusing on the present moment, practising mindfulness can bring improvements in mood, wellbeing and feelings of happiness. These more positive feelings can even last for several weeks after practising mindfulness. Combined with a massage treatment, it leads to a glow of natural beauty as well as a feeling of inner calm. By using breathing techniques and visualisation during the massage, mind and body get even more out of the whole experience.

The ESPA Mindful Massage is a 70-minute treatment ideal for body and mind. Helping to embrace the spring season, this is a top to toe treatment that perfectly fits the season. Spring is in the air – so make sure it’s in your body too.

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