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Six Tennis Tips for Beginners

With the prestigious Wimbledon tennis tournament kickstarting today, now is the time to really embrace tennis outdoors with the British summer in full swing. So, whatever your age and skill set - whether you're a beginner or a regular at tennis wanting to learn more about the game, The Runnymede’s tennis coach, Chris Horlock shares his top tips on how to advance your game.

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It all started in Birmingham in the 1890s, when this elite racquet sport was invented and played against a single player or between doubles. Fast forward to 2022 and the game is played by millions worldwide who use it to build strength, endurance and burn calories, not to mention the social aspect. It’s also a popular spectator sport with four grand slam world tournaments a year, including the renowned Wimbledon.

If you are looking for inspiration on how to start your tennis journey in Surrey, then look no further than our guide. Grab your whites and get game set and match!

Tips for Beginners 

Understand the rules
With tennis, the rules are pretty important, so spending time learning the rule book and actually watching tennis games will give you an advantage on what you can and can’t do.

Using the right equipment will definitely help you on your tennis journey. A good racquet and balls will go a long way to perfecting your game, combined with the correct uniform – a pair of tennis court shoes is always crucial and a visor or baseball hat to block the sun.

Forehand, backhand and serve! They are all essentially technical shots and it’s really important to get the technique correct. Perfecting your technique will take time and as the old saying goes ‘practise makes perfect’.

It’s a massive part of the game. Tennis is a side on sport and getting in the correct position will help you become a better player and prevent injury.

Recovery is a crucial part of tennis training. Opting for full body massage or hydrotherapy are both key for pain relief, boosting circulation, soothing muscle spasms and strengthening weaker muscles.

The most important part is just to have fun and enjoy the game!

New to tennis or a seasoned pro and fancy brushing up on your backhand? Here at The Runnymede on Thames, we have three tennis courts, which are free of charge for hotel residents and spa members and £10 per hour for non-residents.

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Wimbledon fans rejoice! Join us at The Runnymede on Thames as we show Wimbledon on the big screen at the River Hideout* complete with strawberries and cream and Pimm’s on tap at the airstream.

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* Select dates from Friday 1st – Sunday 10th July

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