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Interesting ways to wrap Christmas presents

Finding inventive ways to wrap your Christmas presents doesn’t just add a creative spin to your gift giving – it can also be better for the environment too.

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Us Brits reportedly use more than 900 million metres of wrapping paper at Christmas. That’s the length of around 9 million football pitches, or enough to wrap around the circumference of the world more than 36,000 times. These astonishing figures are made all the more astounding with the realisation that most of this wrapping paper is thrown away at the end of the festivities.

Help cut down on the usage of so much wrapping paper by finding inventive ways to wrap your presents – it’ll help the environment too.

Re-use wrapping paper

Help prevent the wastage of wrapping paper by re-using it every time you’re given a present. Even if it’s not very festive paper for Christmas, you can spruce it up with pine sprigs, dried flowers or holly. And when you’re opening presents this Christmas, remember to keep as much wrapping paper as you can in preparation of next year.

Kraft paper

If you need to buy paper for wrapping, choose brown kraft paper instead of the usual wrapping paper you might go for. This is the most environmentally-friendly paper out there, as it’s recycled and fully biodegradable. Kraft paper is also made with fewer chemicals than other types of paper, helping the environment a little bit more. Use a vegetable ink stamp and stamp the paper with festive icons to give it a Christmassy vibe.

Stitch together other paper products

Whether it’s flyers that are posted through our doors or a stack of magazines and newspapers otherwise destined for the bin, other paper products can make original Christmas wrapping too. Cut this paper into strips or squares and stitch them together using a sewing machine with eco-friendly thread to make hand-made, retro Christmas gift bags.

Make the wrapping a present

Buy your loved ones an eco-friendly bag as part of their Christmas present and discover a ready-made wrapping solution too. There are plenty of eco bags out there, such as canvas totes or shopping bags made from once-loved fabrics. The same idea can be applied to items such as plant pots or old biscuit tins. Not only will it act as a wrapping vessel for other presents, it’ll encourage the gift recipient to become a little more environmentally friendly too!

Hand-made adornments

Plastic Christmas string, bows and gift tags are all added extras in gift wrapping that cause more harm to the environment. But you can still give your presents a little pizzazz with some alternative materials. Make ribbons and bows from fabric or clothes you don’t need anymore, or twist strips of newspaper for the same effect. Write greetings and messages directly onto the paper instead of using extra and unnecessary gift tags too.

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