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How to give a meaningful Christmas gift

From hideous clothing to toiletry gift sets that fill us with anything but joy, we’ve all received Christmas gifts destined to live at the back of our wardrobes. Here’s how to avoid being a dull gift giver by giving meaningful Christmas gifts this festive season.

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Genuinely think about the recipient’s interests

Taking a “that’ll do” approach to gift-giving is a guaranteed way of giving uninspiring gifts. Spend just a few minutes jotting down the interests and hobbies of the person you’re buying for. Whether they’re a keen rower or planning a holiday to Thailand next year, you’ll be amazed at all the gift ideas that come to mind when you put just a little thought into it. Giving them the latest rowing accessory or a cookery kit for making Pad Thai will show them you’ve really thought about them when buying a gift. And if you know someone who is an avid collector, scour eBay for the perfect addition to their collection.

It’s the experience that counts

Don’t just think of gifts as being material items. Choosing an experience the gift recipient can enjoy not only makes the spirit of Christmas live longer, it’s also a much more personalised thing to do. Whether it’s a massage or trip to the spa they can enjoy at their leisure, or an activity you can enjoy together, giving an experience as a gift means enjoying some quality time.

Add a personal note

Meaningful gift-giving isn’t just about the gift itself. A gift can be made so much more personal by adding a few handwritten words to go with it. Whether it’s a notelet with just a little bit more than ‘Dear’ and ‘From’ in it, or a postcard with a fun rhyme you’ve made up, this will be sure to bring a smile to the gift recipient’s face!

Use photos

Photos remind us of good memories and great times spent with friends and family. They increasingly remain in digital format on smartphones or computers nowadays, so take the time to print some photos as part of a gift. It could be as simple as printing a photo and putting it in a frame, or you could go all out and print a great photo on canvas or create a calendar full of family photos.

Make something

The quality of a Christmas gift doesn’t necessarily increase with the amount of money you spend. In fact, taking the time to make something for someone else is both meaningful and a more cost-effective gift-giving option. Make some soap using a simple soap-making kit, sew a retro cross-stitch design, make some jam, or upcycle a small piece of furniture such as a mirror. The possibilities are endless.

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