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Beauty and wellness trends for 2020

Bringing together health and beauty needs, embracing truly natural products, and achieving highly individualised beauty routines…this is all big news in 2020! Find out more about beauty and wellness trends for the year ahead from our spa experts.

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Keeping an eye on our skin

We’ve long been told to keep an eye on changes to moles and other areas of skin, but this has never been something the beauty industry has become involved in…until now. With skin cancer on the rise in the UK, it makes sense that beauty therapists can spot anything unusual on the skin too. In 2020, more beauty and wellness therapists will become trained in detecting skin changes in clients. Indeed, all our therapists at The Runnymede on Thames will be receiving Melanoma and Skin Cancer Early Detection (MASCED) accredited training and certification in 2020.

Bespoke beauty

Until now, brands have controlled how we define beauty and have pigeon-holed us into ‘types’, whether it’s oily skin, dry hair or massages for a sole purpose, such as relaxation. But we all know our skin, hair and wellness needs are more complex than this! Our skin and hair can change on a daily basis, while we often want a massage for more than one purpose. In 2020, there will be a greater move away from a one size fits all approach, with many more personalised products available that don’t overcomplicate at-home beauty routines. We already embrace individualism at The Runnymede, as all of our spa treatments are performed according to an individual’s personal needs and no two massages or facials are the same.

Organic, vegan + free from

This is a trend that has been gaining momentum in 2019, and during 2020, it will truly accelerate. For those who want vegan, vegetarian, organic, nut free and gluten free products, the choice is set to explode throughout the year. And of course, going hand-in-hand with this will be packaging that is reusable, refillable and biodegradable. At The Runnymede, we will be launching a treatment range from Botanicals – personal care products that have been created as close to nature as possible, harnessing the power of plants. This is a pure skin range that has been made in the UK, certified organic, not tested on animals and fully conforms to the European Cosmetics Products Safety Regulations.

Mental health + mindfulness

With a growing awareness of maintaining our mental health, spa and beauty treatments will go further than just being skin deep in 2020. People are searching for opportunities to take care of their body and mind, and spa treatments are perfect for helping people to mentally unwind too. As a result, there will be more specialist treatments that incorporate mindfulness, plus special techniques to help people manage stress, anxiety and conditions that may make life more difficult to cope with. At The Runnymede, we already offer specific treatments for people suffering or recovering from cancer. We’re also introducing a Calm and Relax spa experience, and in 2020 we will be working with the Dementia Society so we can offer the very best care for dementia sufferers too.

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