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A Natural Face Lift: New ESPA facial

This brand new facial uses cutting edge technology to support the skin’s natural ability to re-energise. Here’s the lowdown.

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Natural Face Lift is a brand new facial by ESPA now available at The Spa at The Runnymede on Thames. The 90-minute treatment is a new therapy that defies the visible signs of ageing, thanks to an innovative new technology.

ProBiome technology supports the skins microbiome – the ecosystem of microorganisms that live on the skin. Everyone’s microbiome is unique, but it’s these microorganisms that help protect the skin from potentially damaging external factors, such as the climate and pollution. However, there are various factors that can negatively impact the skin’s microbiome. These include things including diet, stress, heat and sweat. Individual skin types also affect the health of the skin’s microbiome.

In response to this emerging area of knowledge, ESPA has developed ProBiome technology to support the skin’s microbiome. It essentially gives the skin a helping hand to ensure its microbiome is as healthy as possible. The effect is that the signs of ageing can slow down, while the skin looks visibly healthier and invigorated.

The Natural Face Lift facial centres on four principles to support the skin’s microbiome. This includes a detoxification element – stimulating the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins. An invigorating part to the facial boosts the circulatory system, helping it supply oxygen and nutrients to the skin. A sculpting element helps firm-up skin that is starting to sag, using jade rollers that help reduce tension and stimulate the skin towards a more radiant look. A relaxation phase of the facial is inspired by Japanese Kobido massage, which aids relaxation and reduces the rate of skin ageing.

All the ESPA products used during this facial use microbiome-boosting properties too. Incorporating a range of plant, marine and traditional aromatherapy ingredients – plus pre and probiotic technology – the effect is incredibly powerful.

Re-energising, radiance-boosting and effective against external aggressors in the environment that cause ageing, the Natural Face Lift is an impressive treatment that gives your skin a persuasive helping hand.

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