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10 reasons to take a staycation this year

From hassle-free holidays to royalty-inspired travel trends, here are the top reasons why staycations are all the rage.

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1. Explore home soil 

Locations such as London and the surrounding counties are topping polls of favourite staycation destinations. According to recent research by HomeAway, more people want to spend holidays exploring home soil, with travellers discovering that the cost of accommodation in London and the South East is more reasonable than expected.

2. No passport needed

One major bonus of the staycation is that you can just jump in the car and go. No passports are needed, there’s no queuing at the airport and you know your luggage will also arrive safely, because you don’t have to check anything in.

3. Stay in the same time zone

Travelling abroad often means you spend a few days of your holiday getting used to a different time zone and waiting for your body clock to adjust. However, a staycation totally eradicates problems associated with jetlag.

4. Driving is a doddle

Many holidaymakers love the beauty of the open road, but the reality of driving abroad means hiring a car, paying extra for insurance and getting used to driving on the other side of the road. That’s another thing you don’t have to even think about when staycationing.

5. A royal flavour

Recent royal weddings have created a renewed sense of national pride, encouraging people to spend staycations in areas near London. In particular, the weddings of both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank, are attracting more visitors to London, Windsor and other semi-rural surroundings in the locality.

6. Feeling at home but away

Staycations give new experiences but with some of the creature comforts of home too. Knowing the language is another benefit of enjoying a staycation, but when you’re staying somewhere different, you can also enjoy the feeling of discovery in a new locality too.

7. The cost of money

Travelling abroad brings with it the need for a different currency, the uncertainty of exchange rates and sometimes extra charges on cash withdrawals too. Staying in Britain means you know exactly what your money is worth.

8. Stay connected

For those who can’t live without their phone or tablet, staycationing has some added benefits. You’ll know for certain that you won’t get stung with roaming charges, and you won’t have to rely on intermittent Wi-Fi access to avoid expensive data charges abroad.

9. Unlimited luggage

Staycationing means you don’t need to worry about the paltry luggage allowances of airlines, so you can pack more than a cabin-sized bag and have plenty of space left for shopping and gifts too.

10. Discover the beauty of home

Amazing sites and places to visit don’t just exist in other countries! Staying in Britain for a holiday allows you to discover real beauty on your doorstep. In fact, the UK is home to 31 World Heritage Sites, almost 50 Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and thousands of world-famous tourist attractions.

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