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10 Paddleboarding tips courtesy of Just SUP UK

Paddleboarding is now more popular than ever, which is why this summer we will have boards available for hire when you stay at The Runnymede. To get you prepared before you head out onto the river, check out these top tips courtesy of Nick from Just SUP UK, who offers lessons just down the road from us.

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1. Wear a leash

This is a key piece of safety equipment you should be treating like your seatbelt. A waist-leash is ideal when you’re out on the water.

2. Get all of the paddle blade in the water

The more upright the paddle, the better. This will keep the board tracking in a straight line and makes you more effective at pulling yourself – and the board –  past the paddle when it’s in the water. It is also better for working your core muscles, an added bonus!

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Paddleboarding – May 21 -5

4. Don’t pull the paddle past your feet

Keep the strokes short as once the paddle is past your feet you begin to lift water to the surface which is both tiring and slows you down as it makes the board sit lower in the water.

5. Keep the board moving forward – it will be more stable

A bit like riding a bike, if you are not moving forwards it can be a bit wobbly. Use the paddle as a third leg for some extra stability.

6. Try to relax and look ahead

Fix a point well ahead of you (one that’s not moving!) to help your balance. As with many sports, where the head goes, the body follows.

Keep your knees slightly bent to stay as relaxed as possible. This will also help you get a strong paddle stroke going.

9. Make sure the paddle is the right height for you

If the paddle is too short you won’t be able to get the blade in the water properly and if it’s too long it will be harder to get the blade out and ready for the next stroke. So, your T Grip (the top of the paddle shaft that you hold) should be 6” above your head.

10. Make sure the paddle is the right way round

The paddle is designed to be as efficient as possible. The angle of the blade allows more of the paddle stroke to pull water past you as opposed to lifting it to the surface (see point 4), so it’s important the paddle is the right way round. The blade should ‘kick’ or angle forwards towards the front of the board.

Paddleboarding – May 21 -3

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