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Opening Times

Club opening times are 630am-9pm Monday – Friday and 8am-8pm Saturday & Sunday

Child friendly times are 9am-12pm & 3pm-6pm Monday to Sunday

Booking System

Don’t forget that all live members are able to book treatments and classes via the Member portal on our website. If you have not yet set up your account or have any problems accessing it, please email Anita Davies who will be able to assist you.

Member Login

Please note, the activity calendar will only show to members logged in using their email address assigned to their membership.

Terms & Conditions

  • Bookings can be made up to 2 weeks in advance.
  • Bookings made further out than 2 weeks will regretfully not be honoured  nor remain in the system.
  • We do ask that if you are unable to attend your session or class, please notify us as soon as possible so we can offer your place to another member. There is also a function which enables you to cancel bookings online.

Gym & Classes

All the gym equipment has now been returned to its original position within the gym itself. We do still encourage every user to continue to use our sanitising wipes or sprays to clean equipment before and after use to protect yourself and others. Small sweat towels will be available in the gym.

Indoor classes have moved back to the spa studio and capacities will be gradually increased over the coming weeks. We will encourage the doors to be left open to give as much ventilation to the area as possible. We have also added some additional outdoor classes to the current July timetable and will continue throughout August, to make best use of our safest outdoor areas.

Indoor Pool

We are pleased to advise that from Monday 19th July you will not be required to pre-book your indoor pool sessions. For your safety we will still keep an eye on maximum permitted bather numbers albeit that these will be larger than presently imposed, and we would ask that you are mindful of the close proximity of others and avoid face to face close contact wherever possible. This includes in all of our heat experiences.

You are welcome to bring your child as your guest for a swim session, with payment of the appropriate fee, from 9am-12pm or from 3pm -6pm Monday – Sunday. At all other times the pool operates as adults only.


For the safety of our therapists and clients, our team will continue to wear full personal protection for the time being and will continue to fully sanitise their treatment room between clients.

Garden Room

We will be moving some of the furniture around in the garden room gradually over the next week to create some more seating options for you and will be providing additional complimentary juices alongside the hot drinks and fruit already being provided.

Outdoor Pool

For now we will be retaining the system of bookable swim sessions to ensure we can provide this facility for as many outdoor pool members and residents as possible daily. Capacities will be raised to accommodate more at each session so availability should be less of an issue than it is currently. I am also delighted to advise that our online booking system will allow outdoor pool members to book and cancel sessions through the website. We will as always operate a waiting list and we do urge you to cancel any sessions that you are unable to attend to give us time to contact those who have not been able to get a space on their preferred session. We will review these session times after a week or so and see if we can relax this further; we just want to ensure that we can accommodate demand safely initially.

Your safety

Our temperature monitor will be available for your use on entry should you wish to use this and we will keep all hand sanitising stations in place for your use. The wearing of face masks is a personal decision for you. We do understand that the lifting of restrictions are welcome as is the move towards some more normal activity after such a long time. We are, however, also mindful that there may still be some concerns and we will continue to endeavor that our club remains a safe place to visit so you can continue your enjoyment of the facilities with just that little bit more freedom.