dinky diners loyalty club in leftbank

family friendly lunches during the school holidays

Treat your little ducklings to a child friendly lunch in leftbank for just £10 throughout the school holidays, and they will become a member of our exclusive Dinky Diners loyalty club*. 

Upon joining your Dinky Diner can choose a loyalty badge which entitles them to a complimentary soft drink, and a chance to partake in our lucky dip which contains seasonal sweets, toys and ducks.

Every time your Dinky Diner returns for lunch in leftbank wearing their badge, they will be entitled to a complimentary soft drink, or ice cream and another chance to partake in our lucky dip.

If your Dinky Diner matches the height of the ducks beak on the height ruler exactly, they will be allowed to double dip in the lucky dip!

book onlineor call 01784 220969

*The Dinky Diners loyalty club is only available for those diners classed as “children” so must be aged between 3 and 12 years. Available at lunchtimes only, Monday to Friday, throughout the school holidays. If the lucky dip is not running an alternative special gift will be offered.

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