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When to start planning your Christmas party

Here’s why you should start planning your Christmas party now, as well as our top ideas for organising a Christmas party with a twist.

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Christmas planning gets earlier every year, or so they say. According to Google Trends, the number of searches of Christmas related themes starts to increase exponentially from August onwards. By the beginning of September, double the number of people will be Googling about Christmas than the number of people Googling about it at the beginning of August. And the line on Google’s chart rises steadily from that point until the week before Christmas.

Specific search terms include Christmas adverts, Christmas shopping opening times, the last posting dates before Christmas, the Love Island Christmas reunion, and Christmas party ideas. In fact, searches for Christmas parties start increasing significantly in June and July, with searches already a quarter of the way to peak popularity by the end of August.

So, if you haven’t already, now is the time to get your Christmas party arranged! To get your creative juices flowing, here are our top ideas for planning a Christmas party with a twist.

Murder mystery

Put your problem-solving skills to the test and plan a festive-themed murder mystery Christmas party. Perfect for bringing people of all ages together, this is a universal Christmas party idea that guarantees plenty of festive fun too!

Festive walk

Counteract the overindulgence of the Christmas meal ahead by going on a festive meal before tucking into a Christmas lunch. You’ll enjoy a breath of fresh air while breaking the ice with colleagues you may not spend much time with socially. Get people in the Christmas spirit by wearing silly festive costumes too – you could even do the walk for charity to bring some Christmas cheer to a charity near your workplace.

Ghost tour

Channel the Ghost of Christmas Past by incorporating a walking ghost tour into your Christmas party, such as one of the experiences operating in Windsor. Come face-to-face with mysterious actors and hear chilling tales that may or may not be true. It’ll give you and your colleagues plenty to talk about for the rest of the festive season!

Surprise entertainment

Create a talking point that will give guests some unexpected entertainment by hiring an entertainer with a difference. A magician, acrobat or celebrity look-alike can all add a bit of extra fun to the festivities!

Beach party

Christmas party-goers have come to expect hearty meals, mulled wine and festive songs. Plan a party that’s the opposite of what they would expect instead with a beach party theme. Barbecued food, summer songs and inflatable palm trees will put everyone in a sunny frame of mind!

Has your office got talent?

Combine your Christmas party with a team building event called ‘Has your office got talent?’ Divide people into teams and let them figure out what their team’s talent is, before performing in front of the group. A brilliant ice breaker, team building session and Christmas party with a difference, make sure everyone who participates gets a prize at the end. Then tuck into a hearty Christmas meal!

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