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Wedding venue 101

Finding a wedding venue that fits the picture in your mind is just the first step. Here are the key practicalities to think about to ensure your venue will really work.

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1. Ease of travel to venue

This is absolutely crucial! An island off the Scottish coastline may sound like a romantic wedding venue, but you will get guests dropping out (or getting lost and delayed!) when you plan a wedding in an awkward location. The Runnymede is located on a pretty riverside spot, but is also close to the M25, M4, M3 and Heathrow Airport. Charming and convenient!

2. Number of guests

Capacity is an important consideration – and this is not just about the maximum number of guests a venue can accommodate. While you need to ensure a venue is big enough to host all your guests, you also want to ensure you’re not overwhelmed in a large space if you’re having a smaller wedding. We have different wedding suites at The Runnymede, with a maximum capacity of 250, or smaller suites suitable for weddings with 50 guests.

3. Ceremony + reception

Moving wedding guests between the ceremony and a different reception venue adds another level of logistical planning to your wedding day. Make things easier on yourself by finding a venue that is licensed for wedding ceremonies, so you can stay in one spot for the entire day. Our wedding suites at The Runnymede are licensed for ceremonies and can be transformed for the wedding breakfast and evening reception later on while you’re enjoying drinks and photos by the river.

4. Decoration guidelines

Some wedding venues have restrictions on the types of decorations you can use, so this is an important point to check before choosing a venue. From candles and extra lights to plants and hanging things from the walls – have early conversations with your venue to check they can accommodate your vision. At The Runnymede we’re happy to accommodate most common decoration requests – and we also have a lot of creative ideas to help bring your dream wedding to life.

5. Other suppliers

It’s common for many wedding venues to have preferred suppliers you have to use for other aspects of a wedding, such as florists and musicians. Find out if the venue wants you to work with preferred suppliers before you book, so you know exactly the parameters you are working within. Although it may feel like your freedom of choice is narrowed when working with preferred suppliers, it is actually positive, as these suppliers are pre-screened and are known by the venue to be reliable. The Runnymede has a list of preferred suppliers that have come highly rated by previous wedding parties.

6. Where to stay

When you’re organising a wedding, you also have a responsibility to ensure there is enough local accommodation for your guests. If there aren’t enough places to stay, some guests won’t attend or will limit the time they spend at the reception. Venues that are able to offer accommodation for guests make the wedding hassle-free for everyone – so think of this as a priority when venue-hunting.  As a hotel, The Runnymede on Thames has plenty of rooms for all your guests!

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