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Where to start with wedding planning

Envisaging the idea of being engaged can be very different from actually being engaged. In particular, there are suddenly a lot of practical elements you have to think about. Our wedding planning tips will help you get started.

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Budget busting

This essential part of wedding planning will help you avoid headaches further along the line. Start your wedding planning process by setting a budget that is realistic for your personal circumstances.

Set the date

There may be a date that’s very special to you, or you may have more practical reasons around work and family commitments that will help you pin down your wedding date. You may also decide on a date based on how long you want to spend planning your wedding. Some people want to plan it quickly so it doesn’t take over their lives; others want to take a long time savouring every moment. Whatever the reason, come up with a date that makes most sense to you. Many other plans will stem from this.

Location, location, location

Selecting a venue that’s right for you is the most important aspect of wedding planning. If a wedding venue fits the vision you have in your mind for your wedding day, snap it up and put down the deposit. You’ll need to have a rough idea of your guest list or approximate numbers to ensure you book a venue that’s the right size for your party. Once you’ve secured a venue, you’ll feel a huge sense of relief.

Church or registrar

If you want to get married somewhere other than your wedding reception venue, get this booked in next. Whether it’s a church or registry office, secure your booking to ensure the fundamental elements of your wedding are set in stone.

Hold the date

As soon as the date, time and venue is secure, send out ‘hold the date’ cards or emails to those you definitely want to be there. You’d be surprised how busy some peoples’ diaries get, so avoid disappointment by getting the date locked in as soon as possible.

Now for the creative details

Securing all the practical elements for your big day will feel like a huge achievement and you’ll now have a firm picture in your mind of how your wedding day will be. All the wedding planning tasks that come next will be like the cherry on the cake.

In this phase, start off by finding a photographer and videographer you like. They do tend to get booked up in advance, but there are plenty of them out there, so don’t worry if your first choice isn’t available. You will find someone you like.

Next, it’s time to go shopping. The wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses should come top of the list.

Also be sure to reserve accommodation, book catering and music or entertainment around this time. If you’re hosting your wedding at a hotel, much of this will be taken care of without too much time needed from your side. That leaves more time for you to think of wedding attire, themes and book a honeymoon. Who said wedding planning was a chore?

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