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What to do first after a Christmas Engagement

The season of festive fun is a perfect time of year to get engaged. But what should you do now you’ve got a ring on that finger? You can’t go far wrong by following our trusty tips.

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The festive season is one of the most popular times of year to get engaged. All the twinkling lights, socialising and general merriment makes it a time when everyone’s feeling exuberant. But your engagement may have taken you by surprise too, leaving you wondering what you should do first. Panic not – we’ve got it covered.

Announce to your nearest and dearest

Since you’re likely to be spending time with your family over Christmas and New Year, your engagement has come at the perfect time to announce it in person. Tell them your happy news and you’ll be guaranteed to make the festive celebrations even more spirited. However, if you want to wait for the perfect time to tell your wider circle of friends, make this clear to your family straight away. You’ll need a bit of time to think about whether you want a big or small wedding, who you’re likely to invite and how you want to break the happy news to friends. You can always insist on a social media blackout until you’ve crafted the perfect festive engagement photo.

Sit down and have a chat

Take your time to sit down with your partner and discuss what you want from your wedding. The Christmas and the New Year season is always such a busy time, so don’t feel you have to commit to making plans on the spur of the moment when people ask you questions. Simply enjoy everyone’s excitement during your early engagement without committing to any specifics. Take some time after the initial buzz has petered out – it’ll be something to look forward to in the post-festive lull.

Talk seasons

Getting engaged around Christmas and the New Year can make happy couples want to recreate the magic by hosting a winter wedding. It takes the average couple around a year to organise a wedding too, so the timing of a winter wedding might be just right. Whether you imagine twinkling lights, candles and a crisp day, or milder weather and summery dresses, the picture of your wedding in your mind is likely to dictate the season you want to get wed in.


Discussing budgets can be the boring part of wedding planning, but you won’t regret having this conversation early on. It’ll set expectations from the start and help you decide which aspects to prioritise your spending on. Depending on how much you splashed out over Christmas, you may be feeling a little broke at this time of year. Be realistic about how much you can save and how long you need to save for. Getting married outside of peak season can also help save costs as venues tend to have more availability. This might be another winning factor in favour of a winter wedding.


The venue is one of the most important decisions you have to make, so prioritise this as being the first thing you book. It’s also really exciting looking at venues and imagining your big day there. The best thing you can do is look at a venue while it’s been set up for a wedding. You’ll be able to imagine just what your big day could look like and will ensure there are no nasty surprises on your wedding day if you’ve only looked at an empty function room previously. We host regular wedding open days at The Runnymede on Thames entirely for this purpose. Once you’ve booked a venue, you can take some time out before getting on with other wedding tasks. The key to stress-free wedding planning is finding occasions for wedding-related activity and times for simply enjoying the feeling of being engaged. Do that and you’ll have a very happy engagement period in 2018!

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