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Wedding Day Ideas and Inspiration

Valentine’s Day is the annual day of cards, red roses and chocolate…or so we know it in the UK anyway. Take inspiration from some of the weird, wonderful and unexpected Valentine’s Day traditions from around the world for your wedding day.

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As well as organising the logistics of a wedding day, brides and grooms also have a challenge to come up with some original ideas to make their day stand out. It’s often an unusual detail that makes a wedding feel authentic to the couple. Such details are often talked about fondly for years to come too. Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to find inspiration for original wedding day ideas, but how do you look beyond the flowers and chocolates typically found on the annual day of love?

We’ve taken a look at Valentine’s Day traditions from around the world to give you some fresh ideas.

Get poetic

Danish men write funny anonymous poems for Valentine’s Day. If the recipient correctly guesses who sent it, they’ll receive an Easter egg later in the year!
Wedding tip: Have pens and paper on the tables at your reception and encourage guests to write funny poems for you. They’ll form lifelong memories for your wedding book!

Spooning for love

Instead of celebrating Valentine’s Day, the Welsh celebrate their patron saint of lovers: Saint Dwynwen. Ever since the 16th century, Welsh men have marked the occasion by carving wooden spoons with intricate patterns and symbols of love as tokens of affection.
Wedding tip: Put an original spin on your wedding favours by having bespoke designs on teaspoons made especially for your big day. Have one for each guest to take away with them – every time they have a cup of tea they’ll remember your happy day!

Blossoming love with confetti

In the Czech Republic, couples try to enjoy a kiss under a blossom tree to celebrate their annual day of love, as it is said to bring good luck for the year ahead.
Wedding tip: Get your wedding off to a lucky start by choosing cherry blossom confetti to be thrown on you, or as a decorative touch on the tables at your wedding reception.

Chocolates and love messages

Chocolate is a common theme in the Valentine’s Day traditions of many nations. In Italy, common gifts are Baci Perugina chocolates. These chocolates consist of a whole hazelnut surrounded by a creamy filling and a rich chocolate case. They come in a wrapping with a romantic quote inside.
Wedding tip: Instead of petit fours, serve Baci Perugina chocolates with coffee and tea after the meal. Maybe love will be in the air for some of your guests too…

Barefoot luxury

In Slovenia, there’s an age-old belief that birds propose to each other on Valentine’s Day. However, in order to witness this amazing event, people must walk barefoot through the fields.
Wedding tip: If you like a chilled-out vibe, have a barefoot wedding reception. Your guests can leave their shoes at the door, helping then relax a little more. And it’ll help you get people onto the dance floor later too – no excuses of uncomfortable shoes are possible at a barefoot wedding reception!

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