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Top 5 tips on how to be healthy at a meeting

Make meetings about more than cakes and pastries. From Fender Blender smoothies to vegan snack boxes, here are our top five tips on how to be healthy at a business meeting.

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1. Fender Blender bike

The Fender Blender is a bicycle powered blender that makes smoothies. The idea is to get delegates to pedal to produce enough power to blend fruit and veg into a smoothie. A brilliant pick-me-up and burst of activity to keep meeting attendees active, they can also enjoy the fruits of their labour (pun intended!) in a nutritious drink. Our Fender Blender bike at The Runnymede can currently be found on our private jetty.

2. Snack pack

Ditch cakes and pastries at business meetings and replace them with nutritious snack packs instead. Get creative by roasting nuts, beans and vegetables with a spicy or fragrant garnish. Our snack packs at The Runnymede are vegan too.

3. Fresh air

Get outdoors for coffee breaks or breakout sessions and enjoy a breath of fresh air. It’ll encourage delegates to get on their feet and stay a little active during the day, plus it’ll help to reinvigorate their minds too. Our riverside lawns and terraces mean we have plenty of outside space to do just this at The Runnymede.

4. Healthy lunch

Serve high protein lunches with healthy grains and plenty of vegetables to help delegates stay on the right path throughout the course of the day. These foods will improve brain clarity and aid a slow release of energy throughout the afternoon. At The Runnymede, lunch in Leftbank is perfect for this, with our selection of grilled meats, roasted veg and bright array of fresh salads. Choose fruit instead of a naughty dessert for a totally virtuous lunch!

5. Stay hydrated

Water keeps the body in ship-shape condition and we need plenty of it too – at least two litres a day according to health professionals. Provide plenty of water throughout the day to help delegates reach this daily quota. Caffeinated drinks such as coffee can be dehydrating too, so keep water bottles topped up if you’re serving caffeinated drinks too. Water is so important to us at The Runnymede, we’ve also raised thousands of pounds for the charity, WaterAid, over the last ten years.

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