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Top 5 ideas on how to make your next meeting different

Capture the attention of colleagues and delegates this summer with these original meeting ideas.

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1. Indoor-outdoor agenda

There’s nothing like a breath of fresh air to mix a day up and to keep meeting participants engaged. Make the most of outdoor space at your meeting venue, which could be used for breakout sessions on a terrace or on the grass. You could also enjoy a walk together on a coffee break. If you have a meeting at The Runnymede, you could even take one of our boats out with picnics for your lunch break!

2. Build something

Encourage meeting attendees to do something practical with their hands, either as an icebreaker session or continuously throughout the day. For example, put a large bowl full of Lego in the middle of the table, or set a challenge for delegates to construct a house made of pasta. As well as adding an unexpected element to the day, doing something fun and practical like this can spark creativity and engagement with the business side of the meeting.

3. Quiz time

Add a competitive edge to a meeting by designing a short quiz for delegates to answer at the end. Not only can you test meeting participants on the content discussed during the meeting to check they’ve retained the most important information, you can add a few unexpected but fun questions too, such as ‘what colour is the kettle in the office?’ Give the winner a hamper or gift voucher as a prize!

4. Watch a TED Talk

It’s common to get straight down to business at meetings, but playing an inspiring TED Talk or interesting YouTube clip at the beginning can help set the right tone for the meeting ahead. The subject matter of the video clip doesn’t even have to be related to your business, but it should have an inspiring theme or message that has some useful take-away value to delegates.

5. Mindfulness

Show you care about delegate wellbeing by incorporating mindfulness into the agenda. This could be a guided mindfulness session at the beginning of the day, or a mindfulness retreat in the middle of the day in a tranquil area of your meeting venue. It can help reduce stress and sharpen the mind – plus it will have the added benefit of making your meeting genuinely memorable for delegates.

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