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Top 5 dishes for the summer

Taking inspiration from Latin America, the Mediterranean and the British countryside, here are our favourite five dishes to be found on The Lock Bar and Kitchen menu this summer.

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1. Crispy soya bean fritter, green mango and cucumber, tamarind chutney

Inspired by Latin America, this vegan starter incorporates all five flavour profiles – sweet, sour, bitter, salty and umami – creating a true taste sensation. Slices of green mango served with salt and hot sauce is a traditional snack in Latin America, and this dish really encapsulates this particular flavour from the region. Served with cool cucumber and sweet but tart tamarind chutney, this dish brings the sizzle of the summer with it too.

2. Pan fried cauliflower with spinach and onion frittata, romesco, almonds

This main dish brings fresh vegetables together with a taste of the Mediterranean. Frittata is an egg based Italian dish, and our take on it brings together nutrient-packed spinach and the sweetness of a little onion – with cauliflower on the side. However, it’s the romesco sauce that brings the flavour of Spain to the dish. This is a sauce traditionally made by fishermen in Catalonia, incorporating roasted tomatoes, garlic, various nuts, olive oil, plus a little kick from chilli peppers. This dish brings a little sun to England – plus it’s entirely vegetarian too.

3. Roast hake, olive oil mash, tender stem broccoli with tomato, pine nut and basil

Summer is the season when fish dishes come into their own, sating our appetites for delicate and fresh flavours. This hake dish is ideal for summer, with the succulent fish perfectly accompanied by rich olive oil mash. Using olive oil instead of butter in mashed potato is a popular food trend, and the olive oil adds a delectable texture that is all-at-once rich, creamy and velvety. The crunch of tender stem broccoli adds a little crunch, while a topping of tomato, pine nuts and basil adds some fragrant contrast.

4. Salted caramel tart, praline macaroon, vanilla ice cream

A dessert that uses only vegetarian ingredients, this dish blends favourite flavours with a lighter twist for summer. The salted caramel tart is rich and indulgent, while the praline macaroon adds a light and airy summery touch. Although macaroons are Italian in origin, many countries around the world have their own version of macaroons, bringing a taste of the summer holidays to The Runnymede. And everything tastes better with vanilla ice cream, doesn’t it?

5. Elderflower gin and tonic cheesecake, kaffir lime sauce

The embodiment of a favourite summertime drink in a dessert, this is one of our favourite puddings this summer! This gin and tonic cheesecake is the stuff of summertime dreams – and we use an elderflower infused gin for an extra summery taste of the season. Elderflowers are best picked in the British countryside around June, which is why we have come to associate the summertime with elderflower flavoured treats. Our sauce made with kaffir lime – native to the tropics of Southeast Asia – adds an incredible zing to the dessert too.

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