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Top Summer Spa Treatments

As we come out of our winter hibernation, it’s time to give our skin a little TLC to get prepared for the warmer weather. Here are three spa treatments that’ll do just that.

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1. Guinot Hydradermie Facial

The cold weather during the winter months takes a distinct toll on the skin. As one of the only parts of our body we expose to the elements during the winter, the face feels the effect most. Our Guinot Hydradermie Facial helps prepare the skin for both the sun and the change of temperature. Reviving the skin’s radiance after the cold weather, this treatment boosts the oxygenation of skin cells and encourages circulation. With instant and long-lasting results, the skin is left nourished, hydrated and protected. As an added bonus, our therapists provide advice for a homecare routine to keep the feeling going throughout the summer too.

2. Pedicures

While our faces have been exposed to the elements throughout the winter, our feet have the opposite issue of having been ensconced in socks, tights and boots for months. To help you feel more confident in exposing them to sun, sand and flip flops in the summer, having a pedicure is the perfect preparation. Our pedicures include tidying cuticles and nourishing the nails to help prepare them for radiant summer polishes. We’ll also nourish the skin on your feet, as well as smooth out dehydrated and cracked heels. Readiness for summer sunshine and footwear is the name of the game.

3. Salt and Polish Body Scrub

It’s only around this time of year that we notice we’ve neglected the rest of our bodies throughout the winter months too. After covering up with jumpers, trousers and long sleeves, it’s time to prepare for t-shirts, shorts and dresses. Ultimately, we want our skin to look smooth, hydrated and glowing at this time of year. Our Salt and Polish Body Scrub involves exfoliating with salt, so all the dead and dull skin cells gently melt away. Finishing with a polish to bring hydration and nourishment back to the skin, this will help the skin cope with exposure to the sun while looking radiant throughout the summer months.

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