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The Staycation Trend

Holidaying near home is a travel phenomenon that satisfies the travel bug and brings new discoveries. Bring on the staycation!

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A trend for holidaying closer to home without the stress, time and cost of flying abroad, the term ‘staycation’ has been popular since the early 2000s.

That said, a trend-setting American newspaper actually used the term ‘staycation’ in an article in 1944. In this article, the staycation was suggested as an idea to help save gasoline during the war effort. Although the term didn’t come to be popularly used until decades later, one reason people decide to embark on a staycation nowadays is to leave a lesser carbon footprint from their travels. So, the roots of the staycation can be argued as being decades-old.

The staycation is seen as being a way to spend less time travelling and more time enjoying something different, as well as making the most of what your home country has to offer.

Of course, before the era of air travel, the staycation was one of the only ways to enjoy a holiday in Britain – it just wasn’t called a staycation in those days. When air travel and package holidays erupted in the 1950s, the staycation was ditched for two weeks on the beach in the Costa del Sol. In the last few decades, cheap air travel has made almost every corner of the world discoverable and new cultural experiences available on tap.

The current age where anything and everything is possible has made holidaymakers want to go back to basics a little bit more. Local experiences, making new discoveries and getting to know the heart of a place are now more important to travellers than ticking popular destinations off a to-do list.

Visit Britain says that there were 47 million domestic holidays in Britain last year – that’s 2 million more than the year before – with an expectation the figure will rise further by the end of 2018. Staycations give people the opportunity to take a few days off from normal life too, rather than having to commit to a two-week stretch away. In fact, Brits are taking four million more short breaks in the UK per year than they did 10 years ago!

Staycations help you discover a slice of your own country. They’re more environmentally-friendly, cost-effective and hassle-free. Time off from work and mundane chores is precious, so it’s important to spend more of it relaxing and less of it travelling from A to B. Holidays on home turf are just the ticket – with beauty in the fact that no tickets are actually needed!

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