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The Rise of the Solo Traveller

Setting your own itinerary, enjoying time for yourself and having a personalised adventure are all reasons an increasing number of people are choosing to travel alone. We take a look at the solo traveller trend and why holidaying alone is a good idea.

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Travelling solo is officially a trend. No longer daunted by embarking on an adventure alone, people are embracing the idea of being able to do whatever they want in their leisure time. According to ABTA’s latest Holiday Habits report, 12% of holidaymakers went away alone last year, with 81% saying they did so in order to be able to do exactly what they wanted. One in four people have planned to travel solo this year (MMGY Global), while search engines are reporting a year-on-year increase of people searching for ‘solo travel’.

While the 55+ age group makes up a key part of the solo traveller trend, with a little more disposable income and confidence to go solo than other groups, the trend of solo travel extends across all age groups. Contrary to popular belief too, it’s not just single people who decide to travel alone. Those with a partner or families are also choosing to do something for themselves and embark on solo trips.

Here are some of the positives that travelling alone can bring:

Answer to no-one

It’s rare that people who travel together are always on the same page in terms of how they’d like to spend their time on holiday. Travelling alone means you can set your itinerary exactly as you want it, without having to compromise or make sacrifices for someone else.

Focus on yourself

Travelling is a wonderful opportunity to get away from your everyday routine and feel refreshed somewhere new. But it doesn’t always bring much ‘you time’, especially if you have family members who need looking after. Travelling alone provides a much needed opportunity to concentrate on yourself, doing whatever you need to do to feel totally revived from your trip.

A trip perfect for you

The day-to-day decisions of what to do on a trip away take some compromises when travelling with others, but even more fundamental than this is the choice of destination in itself. You’re often influenced by other people in your lives without even realising it. Think about a destination you would like to visit without paying any thought to anyone else, and you may be surprised with what you come up with.

Meet new people

Travelling with others means you’re more likely to stick with the people you know. Yet when travelling alone, you’re more likely to strike up connections with new people. It can feel invigorating to make new friends or to simply have a conversation with someone you would never have met otherwise.

Build confidence

Doing something you wouldn’t normally do and planning it all alone brings about a feeling of confidence. For those who have never travelled alone before, it can be exhilarating to actually go ahead and do it. This confidence-boost follows you back to everyday life once your holiday is over too.

Don’t miss out

Sometimes travellers would prefer to take a trip with a partner, family or friends, but due to work commitments or other reasons, it’s simply not always possible. Rather than miss out on a travel opportunity altogether, why not go it alone and have a different kind of experience?

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