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Warner Leisure Hotels Proposed Development Plan

In March 2022, the ownership of The Runnymede on Thames changed from Ralph Trustees to Warner Leisure Hotels. Here, we share an update from the team regarding their exciting plans for the future of the hotel.

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When will The Runnymede become part of Warner Leisure Hotels?

The Runnymede will become part of the Warner brand once the refurbishment is complete. This timeline is subject to planning permission, but we will keep you posted on the website. Until this point, The Runnymede will continue to operate as usual, welcoming families of all ages and hosting meetings and events.

How do Warner Leisure Hotels intend to change The Runnymede?

The Runnymede on Thames Proposed Development Plan Warner Leisure Hotels

We have some very exciting plans to enhance the hotel.

In the image above, the areas highlighted in blue show what we will be seeking planning permission to add. Above the existing gym and fitness studio, we would like to create 25 additional guest bedrooms through a new west wing extension over two floors (1). In addition, we plan to add balconies to the majority of bedrooms facing the river to make the most of the setting (3). At the other end of the hotel, we will be seeking planning permission to build a single storey purpose-built auditorium for music, shows and film screenings with seating to accommodate all guests (4). Externally, we will seek permission to relocate some car parking spaces to the existing tennis court (6).

As well as these new additions, we plan to refurbish all guest bedrooms, restaurants and lounges as well as re-configuring the existing conference suites and associated spaces (5) to create bar and lounge space to serve the new auditorium. Outside, we would like to complete flood compensation works, including re-landscaping certain areas.

Will the look of the hotel and grounds be very different?

We will be seeking planning permission to extend the hotel (as detailed above) and improve its appearance. However, please rest assured – we do not intend to put a fence around the hotel, nor one between the hotel and towpath.

Outside, we plan to plant more trees to improve the grounds. An ecologist has been appointed to the project team to advise on biodiversity.

Will the entrance road to the hotel change?

The main entrance to the hotel will remain as it is currently, from the A308 Windsor Road junction to the south. Visitors will also be able to access the hotel from the river towpath.

Will local residents and visitors be able to use the hotel?

Yes – once The Runnymede becomes part of the Warner brand, the hotel will become adult-only, so all visitors will need to be over 18. However, we will continue to welcome adults seeking a place to relax and unwind, enjoy a coffee in the lounges or on the outdoor terrace. Lunch, dinner and afternoon tea will be available to book via our online booking system.

Will the hotel continue to offer spa membership?

Yes – members will need to be over 18 once The Runnymede becomes part of the Warner brand, but they will still be able to use the hotel lounges, bars and restaurants. We will be reviewing all membership benefits, packages and prices and will share details in 2023.

Will beauty treatments be available for members and local residents?

Yes – beauty treatments and spa days will be available to book via spa reception or our online booking system.

Will boats still be able to moor up on the private jetty?

Yes – boats will still be able to moor up on the hotel private jetty. Visitors will just need to head to reception on arrival to confirm available space and the duration of their stay.

Will the hotel close during refurbishment?

The majority of the construction work and refurbishment will be completed whilst the hotel remains open and operating as usual. It may be necessary to have a short period of closure whilst the reception, restaurants, and lounges are refurbished, but we will keep this to an absolute minimum. We will use this time to train the team and prepare for re-opening as a Warner hotel. We will have a clearer view on timelines in 2023.

Will you be encouraging guests to visit local events and attractions?

Yes – exploring the local area and attending local events is a big part of why guests choose to stay at Warner hotels. We will continue to partner with local attractions to provide accommodation, organise tickets and transport. We will develop long-term relations and partner with local businesses to help guests discover the local area and participate in activities.

What are the timescales for the planning application?

The aim is to submit the application later this summer. In the meantime, we will be reviewing comments received through the consultation, developing the hotel designs and completing the environmental assessment work.


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