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How to maintain your tan

As summer turns to autumn, keep the summertime feeling alive for as long as possible with our tips for maintaining your tan.

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Whether you achieved your healthy glow from Britain’s heatwave this summer or brought your tan back with you from foreign climes, you’ll want to hang onto it for as long as possible. Fear not – your tan doesn’t have to fade as soon as you step off the plane or set foot back in the office.

Follow our top tips to keep your suntan fresh for as long as possible.

Keep moisturised

Key to maintaining your suntan is to focus on moisturising. You were probably applying after-sun following prolonged exposure to the sun while on holiday and it’s important to keep up with this routine. As soon as your skin starts getting dry, your tan will start to fade, so moisturise a few times a day if possible.

Prioritise Hydration

The benefits of drinking plenty of water are widely hailed. When it comes to the skin specifically, drinking water is important for the health of the skin cells. Keeping the skin cells hydrated directly helps to create the look of a radiant glow. As important as prioritising hydration is avoiding dehydration – very hot baths and showers can cause this. Instead, keep your showers short and tepid and use oil-based shower gels to prevent the skin from drying out.

Exfoliate carefully

Exfoliation may seem wrong when you’re trying to hang onto your tan, but it is necessary for removing dead skin cells. In turn, this can transform skin from dull to radiant. Carefully use an exfoliating shower sponge or light body brush to gently remove any dead skin cells – just don’t scrub too hard.

Eat healthily 

Ensuring you have plenty of vitamin-packed foods in your diet works wonders for skin health and overall radiance. Fresh food containing beta-carotenes are particularly good for glowing skin, so include plenty of carrots, sweet potatoes and orange fruits such as mangoes in your diet.


Who says it’s cheating to give your tan a little boost with self-tan? Using the right bronzing or self-tanning treatments will help moisturise your skin and give you a natural-looking, healthy glow. If it feels good and looks good – that’s all we need to know!

Join us in our award-winning spa at The Runnymede on Thames to help keep your summer glow for a little bit longer. Visit us for the ESPA ‘Hands on Facial’ for a facial treatment that boosts radiance and the skin’s circulation, or try our Bronzing Treatment for top to toe moisturising following by an application of self-tanning cream. That’s right – summer doesn’t have to be over just yet.

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