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Our Working from Home Tips

Although many of us have had to adjust to working from home over the last few months, recent rules suggest it's becoming longer term. Take a look at our top tips designed to keep you productive, focused but most importantly, happy.

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1. Discover when you are most productive

The biggest benefit of working from home is no commute. Why not use this saved time at the beginning and end of your day to identify your ideal working hours? Perhaps you are most focused first thing so you can fit in an early morning power hour instead of sleeping in. Or are you more creative in the evening? In which case, fit in some exercise or run an errand in the morning and make up that hour when dinner is in the oven. Find out what works for you and take advantage of not having to commute.

2. Choose your music carefully

By working alone you have sole control over the music, meaning you don’t have to hear the same songs repeated on the radio and you can listen to all of your guilty pleasures without embarrassment. However, as music can change your mood, and various types of music can affect your productivity, it’s worth trying out different playlists. Research suggests that the soothing sounds of nature triggers feelings of positivity whilst classical music can aid concentration and focus. Spotify’s curated playlists to match your mood are a great option to try.

3. Hold meetings with no agenda

One of the things all of us will be missing, and as humans, craving, is social interaction. Morning coffee catch ups and ‘water-cooler chats’ are something we probably took for granted but there is no reason why you can’t keep this up virtually. Important for your mental health and wellbeing, check in with your team with regular Zoom calls.

4. Have some face-to-face contact

When a meeting does require an agenda, try to make it face-to-face. You’ll be able to bounce ideas off each other, get your creative juices flowing and give everyone a much needed break from their home office! At The Runnymede, we are dedicated to delivering a safe space for your meeting. We have created special socially distanced packages depending on your numbers where you can take advantage of our riverside setting and pay by the day.

5. Eat healthy meals and snacks

We know how tempting it is working so closely to your fridge however, research has shown that eating fruit and vegetables has a direct link on overall productivity levels, so by making sure your snacks are healthy ones, you’ll find working from home much less of a struggle – win win! If you decide to make the Runnymede your home office, our packages include delicious food options to keep you going and light bites are served all day in the Lounge.

6. Work in short bursts

An average day at the office would be broken up with meetings, team catch ups and coffee breaks, but when you’re working from home it can be very easy to become glued to your screen for the whole day. To combat this, create a structure for yourself by dividing the day into chunks of working time, followed by a short break. This should help create some structure and help maintain your concentration levels.

6. Leave home at least once

When you do take breaks, make sure at least one of them involves leaving the house. With evenings now drawing in, it may be difficult to go on a long walk at the end of the working day, so make sure you get a dose of fresh air and natural light during the day with a short walk. As well as being important for your wellbeing, you should come back to your desk feeling refocused.

7. Change up your workspace

Now you know that you will be at your home desk a while longer, consider investing some time and love into making it a positive place to be. Whether it’s something as simple as a new house plant or inspiring piece of wall art, it could make all the difference. If possible, move your desk as near the window as possible, and for darker autumn evenings, invest in a desk lamp with soft light. Pinterest is a great place to start for inspiration in creating your ideal workspace.

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