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Top 5 autumnal dishes in The Lock Bar and Kitchen

From hearty meals incorporating all the best ingredients of the season, to a classic cake that will win you over for dessert – here are our top five autumnal dishes in The Lock Bar and Kitchen.

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1. Game ravioli

This starter is all about rich pockets of game tucked up in freshly made ravioli that brings a little Italian flair. Autumn and winter is the perfect season for eating hearty, flavoursome and succulent game – as it is both a warming and filling option for the colder weather. Wrapped up in ravioli parcels, our game ravioli starter is served with shallot puree and watercress, adding a little zing to the dish. We love watercress too because it’s a beloved superfood, packed with the most important nutrients supporting human health.

2. Pineapple upside down cake

A cake cooked in a single pan with its toppings at the bottom – so everything is the right way up when served – upside down cakes are thought to date back to the Middle Ages! Easy to cook over an open fire, seasonal fruits provided the toppings centuries ago. Although we cook ours in the oven at The Runnymede, we love the history of the upside down cake! Pineapple brings a tropical feeling to the winter, while our spiced rum caramel sauce is the perfect autumnal accompaniment. Served with a dash of clotted cream too – this is our top pudding pick for the season.

3. Butternut squash and feta hotcake

A vegetarian and vegan starter, this warming hotcake blends the rich and earthy sweetness of butternut squash with the tangy saltiness of feta. Fast becoming the most popular winter squash vegetable, butternut squash tastes of the autumn thanks to its sweet and nutty flavour. Vegan feta is widely hailed as being remarkably similar to non-vegan varieties – and is both crumbly and creamy. Served with a poached egg, sage and chilli butter, this dish is both adventurous and indulgent.

4. Slow cooked lamb hot pot

A main dish that is the epitome of winter warming food, our lamb hot pot is lovingly slow cooked over a number of hours. The result is a robust dish with melt-in-the-mouth tender lamb and a rich sauce full of hearty veg. We also serve the hotpot with sweet carrot puree and leafy kale to create the ultimate rainbow of colours and flavours.

5. Chalk stream trout

This main dish uses the most incredible tasting trout, sourced from streams where the water runs through chalk land on its journey to the sea. The chalk has the effect of filtering the water, which gives the trout a noticeable freshness of flavour. We let the taste of the trout speak for itself in this dish, serving it with a luxuriant potato terrine. Topped with a cider cream sauce which adds a hint of warming sweetness, this is a dish the blends the lightness of fish with a velvety finish.

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