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Need an excuse? 5 reasons to dine out in February

With 2020 now fully underway, it’s time to treat yourself after Blue January. Here are five reasons to dine out this February, just in case you need an excuse…

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1. The way to a loved one’s heart

According to the age-old saying, the way to a loved one’s heart is through their stomach. Yet in 1899, Jerome K. Jerome referred to the saying by asking how many women have “let love slip out of the parlour, while she was busy in the kitchen”? We think there’s no need to slave over a hot stove during the month of love – dine out instead and keep love in the parlour!

2. Cash is back

The beginning of the year tends to start a little quietly, thanks to our overindulgence and overspending during the festive season. So celebrate your January pay check finally arriving with a meal out in February. And even though it’s a leap year, February is still a shorter month than most – helping your money stretch just that little bit further…

3. Part of the new you

Are you still feeling virtuous after starting a new health and fitness routine in January? Dining out doesn’t mean undoing all your good work. In fact, introducing an occasional treat into your fitness routine helps you stay on track and gives you something different to look forward to. Picturing that burger and glass of red wine while you’re running on the treadmill has been known to work wonders!

4. ‘Me’ time

Many of us forget to treat ourselves through the chaos of Christmas and the juggling act of starting the New Year in January. So make February your chance for a little time for yourself. Afternoon tea is perfect for this – wend away a few hours with some friends with nothing more to think about than whether to eat your scones or smoked salmon sandwiches first!

5. Eat in or ‘to go’

If you’re strapped for time this February, you can still find a way to enjoy a quick but indulgent bite to eat. Our new-look Lounge is like a living room that spills out towards the riverbank, while our menu is full of tantalising quick bites. Everything is available to take away too, if you fancy combining restaurant quality bites with a stroll in Magna Carta country.

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