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Must Have Spa Ingredients

These three essential oils are some of our favourites to use in The Spa at The Runnymede on Thames. We investigate why jasmine, bergamot and cedarwood are so good for you.

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Jasmine flowers come from shrubs and vines that originate in the olive family. They are mostly found in warm and tropical environments and the flowers have a distinctive, sweet and pleasantly intoxicating fragrance.

The essential oil from jasmine has a whole raft of health benefits too, explaining why it’s the perfect accompaniment to a massage or other spa treatment. Firstly, it’s known as an antidepressant and it stimulates the release of serotonin, making you feel uplifted and more energetic.

Jasmine oil is also known to help induce good quality sleep, with sedative and antispasmodic qualities. The sedative qualities of the oil also help with stress relief.

In addition, the oil has qualities that help improve your skin health. It’s particularly beneficial for those with dry or dehydrated skin types. The oil is also a cicatrisant, meaning it helps scars, stretch marks and marks left behind from spots to fade.

Jasmine is also known for its antiseptic properties and it helps relieve coughs, colds or sniffles from allergies.

Improve the health of your skin in our Spa with a treatment using jasmine.


This essential oil is derived from the rind of the bergamot orange fruit. It’s used commonly in perfumes and gives Earl Grey tea its distinctive citrus smell and flavour. It also has a number of known health benefits.

This is another oil that is known for its antidepressant properties. By improving blood circulation and stimulating balanced hormonal secretions, bergamot creates a heightened feeling of energy. It also has properties that assist with digestion and assimilating sugar, giving a further feeling of wellbeing.

Bergamot also has disinfectant benefits, helping stop skin infections. Therefore using bergamot in soap and skincare products protects skin from infection. It also helps give hair a healthy shine. Bergamot is another cicatrisant, meaning it helps scars and other similar marks on the skin fade over time.

The oil is also known for reducing pain in the body and is particularly useful in back and neck massages to help target areas that can cause headaches. Bergamot is generally well-known for aiding relaxation and sleep, reducing tension and anxiety.

Finally, bergamot is also a good natural deodorant as it prevents germs that cause body odour.

Enjoy a back and neck massage with bergamot.


This oil is derived from the foliage and roots of cedar trees. It has a number of health and wellbeing benefits, from promoting hair growth to reducing skin irritations. Some say it also helps people improve their focus.

Cedarwood oil is an effective antiseptic ingredient, helping defend the body against toxins and improving immune function. This relieves the body of stress, therefore bringing about a feeling of relaxation too.

When used in massages, the scent has been shown to release serotonin, increasing the feeling of calm and creating sedative properties. The oil’s antispasmodic properties also create perfect conditions for sleep.

The oil is known to reduce coughing and sneezing too and has more general anti-inflammatory properties. Cedarwood oil is especially good for people with oily skin types.

Enjoy a massage in The Spa to experience cedarwood oil.

The Spa at The Runnymede on Thames uses ESPA products with jasmine, bergamot and cedarwood oil as just some of the essential oil options. All guest suites also have ESPA shampoos, shower gels and soaps with jasmine, bergamot and cedarwood.


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