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Team building helps boost morale, improves productivity and injects an important element of fun into working relationships. However, team building isn’t just a fair-weather activity. Here are some creative ideas for hosting team building events during the winter.

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Create an advert

Whatever industry you’re in, employees value creativity on team building days out. Divide people into smaller groups and ask them to create an advert about your business during the team building day. It could be a TV commercial (we have screens in our meeting rooms for you to play the films back later) or a task involving pens and paper. Not only will your team have fun in the process, it’ll help you see how attuned employees are to your organisation’s vision and values, and where future employee engagement work may be required. And you never know, you may also come up with the company’s next successful advertising campaign in the process!

Towpath treasure hunt

Colder weather doesn’t mean you have to avoid the outdoors completely. Get your team to wrap up warm and make the most of our stunning location alongside the River Thames. Spending an hour outside on a bright, crisp day is a perfect way to feel invigorated too. Split your employees into small teams and set them a 10-question challenge based on our direct surroundings. Task them to crack a code based on the inscription on our Magna Carta Garden, find out an obscure fact about Bell Weir Lock and take a team photo by HM Elizabeth II Statue in Runnymede Pleasure Ground. We’ll have hot coffee, tea and home-made pastries ready and waiting for everyone when they return victorious to The Runnymede on Thames.

Expert workshops

Hire out one of our lovely bright meeting rooms and bring in an expert to run a team building session. Get creative with flower arranging or a cartoon masterclass, or use the session to train your team in a new skill, such as practising an elevator pitch or acing media interviews. We’ll help break up your day with refreshments, a delectable lunch and fresh fruit or cookies.

Room escape games

Escape games are all the rage. You’re locked inside a room and are tasked with solving puzzles and riddles to escape the room within an hour. Hiring one of our meeting rooms for a game like this allows you to make the puzzles related to your business. Set your team quizzes, riddles and puzzles that they have to solve to get the code to ‘escape’ the room. You could test their knowledge on the work of different departments, awards your business has won and funny workplace moments that have gone down in your history books. It’s a great way to get the team working together and share morsels of knowledge. Disclaimer: we won’t actually lock the door, but we will treat your team to coffee and cake once they’ve cracked the puzzle.

Marshmallow and spaghetti tower

It’s amazing how few props you need to create challenging, tense and exciting team building events. This one just requires a packet of spaghetti and a pack of marshmallows for each team. Give them half an hour to build the tallest tower possible from just these materials. This is a great ice-breaker exercise to kick off a team day out.

The Runnymede on Thames is an ideal venue to host a winter team building day. We have meeting rooms of all shapes and sizes available to fit your team perfectly. All are kitted out with the mod cons you’d expect. Plus, we’ll look after you throughout the day with refreshments, freshly baked treats, lunch and a break-out area with comfy sofas, retro games and jelly beans.

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