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How To Choose A Wedding Venue

You deserve to have the wedding day of your dreams, but just how can you be sure your wedding venue matches up to the image you have in your mind? Here’s our advice on what to look out for in a wedding venue.

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The average couple is engaged for 19 months and they spend a year planning their wedding. An incredible 50% of couples spend 10 to 25 hours a week during this time on wedding planning. That’s plenty of time to build up a picture in your mind’s eye of what your big day will look like. One of the first and biggest decisions a couple has to make is which wedding venue is the right one. All other decisions about your wedding day stem from this, so it’s no wonder it’s the aspect most couples worry about getting right.

When it comes to wedding planning, there’s a lot of advice out there. Know the number of guests you’re inviting before you choose a venue to ensure you’re looking at places in the right size range. Check if there are any big events happening in the local area before setting your wedding date, which could affect traffic and hotel room availability. However, when couples view a potential wedding venue, one of the biggest problems is that the room is just an empty space, or it’s set up for a business conference. It’s hardly the inspiration you need to picture your happy day. Our top wedding planning tip, which trumps all others, is to view your potential wedding venue when it has already been set up for a wedding.

Viewing a wedding venue set up for that very purpose is the only way you’ll really be able to imagine your wedding day. You can of course change the details if the set-up is not all to your taste, from the position of the top table to the colour scheme. But seeing a venue all set up and ready to go is the only way forward if you want to be sure a wedding venue is right for you.

Our next wedding open days will be on Sunday 7th January 2018 and Sunday 17th February 2018.

During the Open Days, our Grand Union suite will be set up for a civil ceremony with flowers from Lily’s Flowers; a local florist based out of a farm in the Surrey countryside. You’ll be able to imagine walking down the aisle on the white carpet runner, surrounded by blossom trees and candles. The neighbouring rooms will be set up for a wedding breakfast, with a long top table and round tables seating eight people each. Each table will be decorated differently with chair sashes of varying colours to give you an idea of colour scheme options and other decorative touches. In the foyer outside, there will be a blossom tree arch and a table plan, to help you picture where your guests will be greeted.

Our Riverside Suite will also be set up with table decorations and blossom trees. Outdoors, the tables on the idyllic riverside terrace will be dressed with various decorative options too.

Our Wedding Open Days offer you the opportunity to imagine getting married at The Runnymede on Thames Hotel. You’ll see the potential of the wedding venue come to life. We also welcome all brides and grooms who have already booked their wedding with us, to become familiar with the suites and the hotel. It’s the best way to ensure the picture you have in your mind of your wedding becomes a reality. We think you’ll agree that making a wedding venue choice based on what you can see is the only way to say ‘I do’.

Visit our unique riverside wedding venue, Contact Us or Call 01784 220981

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