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Winter Skincare Guide

When the temperature takes a dip, skincare routines need a major re-think. Here’s how to keep your skin healthy and glowing throughout the winter months.

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Hydration is key

Water is often hailed as a remedy for many issues and ailments, and winter skin can be well and truly added to the list. Cold and dry weather causes water to leave the skin, explaining why we often experience dry and flaking skin during the winter. Drinking an extra few glasses of water throughout the day during the winter months can help to replace this lost water. Using a humidifier indoors during the winter can also help balance out the effect of central heating, which also has a drying effect on the skin.

Moisture-rich products

Most of us have a skincare routine we know works for us, but fewer of us tweak it for winter. To counteract the drying effect of winter on the skin, it’s prudent to swap everyday moisturisers for products that have additional moisturising properties. Moisturising creams rather than lotions with ceramides and glycerine work especially well.

Counteract hot baths

It’s tempting to indulge in hot baths and showers during the winter to warm up and feel cosy. However, hot water can also dehydrate the skin. To counteract this problem, use moisture-rich or oil-based bubble bath products. You can even add some essential oils directly to the bath, with oils such as lavender and jojoba being particularly good for dry skin. Once you’re out of the bath and are fully dry, remember to moisturise immediately.

Regular facials

The face is often hardest hit by winter, as it’s the most exposed to the elements and is constantly having to adjust between the cold air outside and the drying central heating inside. The surface layer of the skin renews every two to four weeks, so booking regular facials can help the skin replenish properly during the particularly trying winter. Facials help remove remaining dead skin cells while keeping the face hydrated. Facials also prepare the skin to better absorb winter-friendly skin products.

Cover up

It may sound obvious, but don’t forget to cover your skin up when you can. Choose garments made from soft fabrics and avoid materials such as wool, which can irritate the skin. Dry hands and cracked knuckles are painful and can take time to remedy, so wearing gloves outside is key. Treating yourself to moisturising manicures during the winter can also give some added protection.

Spa treatments at The Runnymede on Thames that are perfect for winter:

  • Indulging in one of our wraps is the perfect way to lock moisture into your skin during the winter. In particular, the ESPA Energy Booster Ritual includes an algae wrap, scalp massage and oil application.
  • Our facials are ideal for protecting the face during the winter. Try the Guinot Aromatic treatment, which uses essential oils and pressure point massage, or ESPA Aromatherapy, which is a nourishing facial using a mask, moisturiser and acupressure face massage techniques.
  • Treat yourself to a manicure during the winter to keep dry hands at bay. Our Hands for All Seasons treatment includes exfoliation, a mask, a hand and arm massage, as well as nail shape, cuticle work and an application of colour.

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