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Free activities to boost your wellbeing

With the rise in living costs and the cold winter months affecting wellbeing, we have highlighted a range of National Trust trails and mindfulness free activities right on our doorstep here at The Runnymede on Thames.

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It may sound simple, but it’s effective. Get outdoors and explore as walking can boost feel-good chemicals. We have The Magna Carta Memorial just a 25 minute walk along the river; on the way, you can visit the statue of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The historical Runnymede meadows are also home to the JFK memorial, and the Jurors artwork.

Our favourite walks

Cold Water Swimming

There’s increasing evidence of the physical and mental benefits of cold-water swimming. From alleviating anxiety to reducing chronic pain and inflammation – the reasons for trying it are ever-more compelling. There are many local groups that organise spontaneous swims in the Thames and you will be welcomed with open arms. Never be tempted to swim alone though or in high tides if you are new to open water swimming.

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Mindful Sport

Our Spa Manager advises keeping active to boost your serotonin. So, why not enjoy a mindful sport from the comfort of your own home, such as yoga or pilates? There are many free online classes available that are easy accessible for all levels. If you don’t feel motivated to workout alone, why not try a group class? For spa members and guests, we have a range of classes to choose from. Think pilates, mindful yoga and even waterfit.

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Gardening is a mood-boosting activity that builds strength, promotes better sleep, and helps with weight management. Gardening and time spent outdoors in nature offers huge potential to improve our health. Evidence from studies suggest time in nature and the garden can help with mental health issues, as well as reducing stress and improving wellbeing.

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Taking up a hobby like fishing where you are out on the riverbanks is a fantastic way to combat daily stresses and enhance your wellbeing. Fishing has a range of benefits, including improving of self-esteem, reducing stress, increasing concentration and boosting overall mood. Plus, water has been proven to have a calming effect on your brain.

Explore Windsor Great Park

Windsor Great Park is completely free to visit and is set in 5,000 acres of Surrey and Berkshire’s countryside, stretching from Windsor Castle to the north and Ascot to the south. With its varied landscape and sweeping deer lawns, woods, coverts and huge solitary ancient oaks, the park is full of wildlife for visitors to enjoy.

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Don’t underestimate the power of sleep

More than a quarter of Brits say they get poor quality sleep on a regular basis – research shows that we feel more positive, happier and more productive following a good night’s sleep. Improving our sleep hygiene and creating better conditions for sleep are becoming hot topics in a world where people find it difficult to switch off. Being just a little more mindful of the factors that can make or break our ability to rest properly at night could make the difference to our energy levels and overall health.

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