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Festive drinks

From hot chocolate with Mexican spice to mulled cider and Cuban tea – our new winter warmers have arrived for the festive season! Here’s the lowdown.

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If you’re feeling snuggly… Gourmet Hot Chocolate

A luxurious twist on a winter favourite, our gourmet hot chocolate has been crafted with flakes of real chocolate. We’re serving this tantalising drink with churros – the famed Spanish fried dough that is just perfect for dipping in chocolate. The origins of churros are unclear, but it’s thought they were made by shepherds, who cooked them over an open fire in the mountains.  They certainly are a warming treat for crisp nights under the stars – or indeed cosy afternoons in the Lounge at The Runnymede!

If you want a mulled wine alternative… Mulled Cider

Heated spiced wine isn’t the only way to enjoy a warming tipple this festive season. Our mulled cider is made with Symonds Founders Reserve Cider – created from fine Hertfordshire apples. Fresh pomegranate adds some fruity richness, while cinnamon and dried orange bring out the scent of the season. A perfectly warming drink for those who want an alternative to mulled wine!

If a wintry hot toddy is your thing… Bourbon Thyme

Barrel-aged bourbon whiskey is already a perfect winter drink, characterised by its distinctive caramel and spice notes. We take it a step further this festive season by adding maple syrup, lemon juice and fragrant thyme too – making this a one-of-a-kind drink that will keep you warm and awaken your taste buds.

If you love a cuppa, but are feeling adventurous… Cuban Tea

This December is time to try a cup of tea with an exotic twist. Our Cuban Tea is made with rum, tea, ginger syrup and maple syrup. With a bit of zing, Cuban Tea is fragrant, nectarous and invigorating – this season’s must-drink pick-me-up!

If you’re feeling totally wild… Mexican ‘Hot’ Hot Chocolate

If you like your hot chocolate with a bit of kick, this distinctive drink offers a fun surprise. With tequila, chilli powder and cinnamon added to the creamy hot chocolate, this drink is sweet and fragrant with a fiery twist! You might describe this as our take on the festive Mexican drink called Ponche con Piquete (‘Punch with a kick’). A warm fruity drink (‘ponche’) made with sugar, cinnamon and fruits is served throughout the Christmas season in Mexico – while adding rum or tequila gives the drink its kick (‘piquete’)! Even the Mexicans don’t seem to add chilli to their drink though…

Join us in The Lounge throughout December to give our festive drinks a spin!

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