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Surrey Wildlife Spotting

An area of pristine Surrey countryside bordering a large stretch of the River Thames and other waterways, Runnymede is a perfect corner of the UK for wildlife spotting. From birds of prey to brightly coloured damselflies, here’s what you can expect to see.

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You’ll spot many birds in the local area, but one of the most magnificent is the red kite, which also happens to be a bird of prey. With a red-brown body and angled wings, look up and you’re bound to see one soaring overhead sooner or later. Kestrels, kingfishers, parakeets, sparrowhawks and woodpeckers are also commonly seen in the local area.

The reed bunting and the reed warbler are also regularly seen at Langham Pond, where you can walk on the beautiful boardwalk while looking out for flora and fauna of all shapes and sizes.

An extremely rare bald eagle was also spotted near The Runnymede on Thames some years ago – but it turned out to be an escapee from an Irish landowner – who promptly came to collect his precious bird!

Land-loving creatures

With meadows stretching out for miles and lots of protected land, Runnymede is also a haven for land-loving animals. Deer are commonly spotted, as are rabbits and hares. Field mice and many other small mammals and reptiles also call Runnymede home. Look hard enough and you might just get lucky enough to spot some of the area’s more elusive creatures.

You’ll also notice a number of grazing cows in Runnymede’s meadows, near the Magna Carta memorial and in fields neighbouring other spots of historical significance in the local area. Not only do cows bring a touch of the agricultural back to this ancient land, they also support the biodiversity of the area through their grazing.

Bugs and Bees

Runnymede’s meadows and the abundant wildflowers that grow there are also havens for insects, bees and other generally tiny creatures. Wildflowers growing in abundance include buttercups, oxeye daisies, knapweeds, red clovers and many more. Dragonflies, butterflies and damselflies – one species of which is bright blue in colour – are all frequently spotted in the area.

Out on the water

You can’t go far in Runnymede without being near the water, what with the River Thames and plenty of ponds and lakes nearby. Ducks, swans and geese all call these tracts of water ‘home’. We also have our very own ducks – Cleo and Patra – who have found a home on the grounds at The Runnymede on Thames. For those who are fascinated by life on the water, it’s possible to go fishing on some stretches of the River Thames in Runnymede, with roach, carp and dace commonly caught.

We challenge you to walk along the River Thames towpath and into the meadows at Runnymede to embark on your own wildlife-spotting adventure!

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