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Benefits of al fresco hot tubs

There’s something exhilaratingly indulgent about sitting in an outdoor hot tub during winter. Here’s all you need to know about hot tubs and just why they’re so good for you.

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The humble outdoor hot tub is a simple idea. A large bath that fits a few people. Check. Warm water. Check. Being surrounded by nature. Check.

The benefits of hot tubs lie in this very simplicity. The Scandinavians – keen hot tub users – believe that sitting in warm water surrounded by nature and crisp air is one of life’s simplest pleasures. As world leaders in happiness attained through a healthy work/life balance, citizens across Scandinavia see the hot tub experience as a vital part of relaxation and spending quality time with friends and family. It’s a time when simple conversation replaces televisions, computers and other electrical devices too.

Improved mental health is a key benefit of hot tubs, but there are numerous physical benefits too. This includes relaxing muscles that have become sore and tense – something many of us suffer from due to desk jobs or from exercising. The warming water in a hot tub can help muscles recover quicker and loosen up. In turn, this helps to relief stress and anxiety too.

Hot tubs have also been shown to improve sleep. Soaking in warm water induces a state of relaxation, which helps people fall asleep more easily. It also leads to a deeper, more restful and less interrupted sleep. The benefits of sleeping properly are well documented – helping reduce anxiety, stress and mental health issues.

The benefits of hot tubs – or their ancient equivalents – seem to have been known about for a long time over history. Indeed, the very first hot tubs were in volcanic calderas, where hot stones were placed to heat the waters. Various geographical localities have been famous hot springs or hydrotherapy spots for centuries, from ancient Greece to Japan. The ancient Romans were well-known for their love of baths too. They had baths for all occasions – from private baths at home to public baths. As they conquered new lands, they built baths wherever they went.

From our ancestors to the modern day – hot tubs seem to be here to stay. Indeed, statistics suggest one in ten households in the UK have a hot tub!

At The Runnymede on Thames, Whirlpool by the Weir is our very own al fresco hot tub and you can enjoy a complimentary dip as part of your stay with us. Located on our private jetty alongside the River Thames, this is a privileged spot from which to enjoy our idyllic surroundings while watching river life at its best.

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