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Easy ways to boost your mood on Blue Monday

As tradition has it, Blue Monday occurs on the third Monday in January and is known for supposedly being ‘the most depressing day of the year’. Why it falls on that particular Monday is a mystery to us too, but there’s no denying the gloom that seems to follow us wherever we go. Thankfully, we’ve got some handy tips to beat those blues, so give them a try and watch the rain clouds drift away…

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1. Exercise

It’s no secret that exercising and getting out into the fresh air is not only great for our physical health, but does wonders for our mental health too! Banish the blues and refocus the mind with an energetic run around the park. If you don’t fancy getting your heart rate up, a gentle stroll through nature will work just as well to improve your mood.

2. Listen to happy music

Pop some headphones on and while away some time getting lost in the lyrics of your favourite artist or group. Classical music works particularly well to soothe the mind…

3. List positive things about your day

If you fill your mind with positive thoughts, you’ll soon start to feel lighter and more positive within yourself. Perhaps you could think about compliments you’ve received or given out to someone else, or remember something that made you smile.

4. Organise something to look forward to

Whether it’s by reclining in the Spa for a bit of self-care, sampling delicious food at Leftbank, or treating yourself to a tranquil stay on the banks of the River Thames, plan something fun to give your mood a boost.

5. Limit your time on social media

As with tip number three, engaging with negative information and news stories on social media will only bring your mood down further. See if you can limit your time on these websites or detox completely.

6. List everything that you are grateful for

When you take the time to appreciate certain aspects of your life and the individuals who are part of it that bring you joy, it can take the focus away from negative thinking and help to get you in a more positive mindset.  Writing down your thoughts and feelings can also feel extremely therapeutic!

7. Meet up with a friend or family member

Schedule in some time with the people you love the most. When you’re feeling blue, it’s always a good idea to get out of the house and socialise, even when you don’t feel up to it. You’re guaranteed to feel better!

8. Take up a favourite pastime from your childhood

Reminiscing over those happy childhood memories where you spent hours engrossed in a favourite activity can be wonderfully nostalgic, so when you’re feeling blue, why not rediscover a beloved pastime from your younger years?

9. Spend some time around animals

We’re probably all in agreement that animals are the greatest gift on Earth. They’re the only species that won’t judge us when something bad happens or if we’re not having the greatest day. Simply spend some time with your furry four-legged friend and notice how the blues just melt away…

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