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Here’s where the babymoon trend came from and why so many people are opting for a pre-baby getaway with their loved one.

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Celebrity roots

A babymoon is popularly known as being a holiday or short getaway couples take during pregnancy, to relax together before life changes forever. First time parents are urged by others to make the most of travel before they become a trio. Even those who are already parents and expecting another child are tempted by the prospect of a babymoon before their family expands. Research shows that even 22% of expecting couples who already have children organise childcare so they can go on a babymoon before the sleepless nights begin again.

Babymoons began as a celebrity trend in around 2012, with the likes of Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan, as well as Kim and Kanye, all taking so-called babymoons around this time. Both the word and the trend quickly took off – after all, it’s hard to disagree with the benefits of enjoying a little relaxation before birth. The Oxford English Dictionary even got on board with the trend in 2018 by adding the word to the dictionary.

When to travel

For those who want to travel abroad for a babymoon, the best time to travel is during the second trimester. This is when women with complication-free pregnancies are at their fittest to fly and when airlines still allow pregnant women to travel. During the third trimester, airlines have different policies about whether or not pregnant women are allowed to travel, with many disallowing pregnant women to travel somewhere between 28 and 36 weeks pregnant. In addition, many airlines require a ‘fitness to travel’ certificate from a medical professional. Also be aware that some travel insurers do not provide coverage for women experiencing complications on an IVF pregnancy while abroad.

Given the various rules and stipulations by travel providers, staying in your home country for a babymoon is an increasingly popular option for couples. Not only does it avoid having to satisfy airline requirements, it also means couples can enjoy a babymoon well into their third trimester. This is a time when pregnant women are typically feeling more tired and achy, so they arguably get more benefits from going on a babymoon during the third trimester too.

Pregnancy-friendly activities

Although drinking alcohol and adrenalin-pumping activities are out of the question for most pregnant women, there are plenty of things couples can do together on a pre-baby getaway.

  • Pregnancy-friendly spa time: heading to a spa that offers pregnancy massages is a great way to indulge while on a babymoon. While pregnant women should avoid the heat of saunas and steam rooms, using other facilities such as the swimming pool offers a feel-good, gentle way to relax and exercise too.
  • Countryside walks: usual exercise routines tend to fall by the wayside during pregnancy for good reason, but walking is a brilliant way to keep active for pregnant women. Take in the countryside and other surroundings on foot during a babymoon and feel invigorated while exploring.
  • Afternoon tea and foodie treats: there’s nothing like lazy afternoons indulging in afternoon tea at the best of times, and a babymoon is the perfect excuse to sit back and make the most of food treats. Choose a pregnancy-friendly tea or sparkling elderflower as the ideal alternative to English Breakfast tea.
  • Explore new places: being somewhere different is the perfect excuse to visit places you’ve always wanted to go. Whether it’s a site of historic interest or wandering around shops and markets while people-watching, a babymoon is the perfect way to slow down and take in your surroundings.
  • True relaxation: the best thing about a babymoon is spending time somewhere totally different without the chores and distractions of being at home. Simply enjoy watching movies in your dressing gown, going for lazy breakfasts and days where you can be spontaneous and do as much or as little as you like.

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