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Alfresco Yoga Benefits

This summer, as we introduce alfresco yoga and pilates classes in the serene setting of The Orchard, discover the benefits of bringing your practice outside.

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You’re forced to focus

When practicing yoga outside, you’re aligning yourself with nature and all its elements. And while the ideal scenario would be a warm breeze and no sound other than chirping birds, the reality could be less peaceful such as background traffic or flying insects.

You can’t control the weather or elements that Mother Nature provides meaning you’ll really need to concentrate on your practice and truly ‘zen out’. Furthermore, alfresco yoga will strengthen your core as you need a higher level of concentration due to the uneven terrain – especially during balancing poses!

You’ll get your daily dose of Vitamin D

The best natural source of vitamin D is sunshine and soaking it up has been said to decrease the risk of depression. Even an afternoon yoga class in the shade will do wonders for your self-esteem. With so many of us sitting at a computer screen for most of the day, it’s important to get outdoors more and send those feel-good signals to your brain.

You’ll experience the benefits of Earthing

Also known as Grounding, Earthing is a healing technique that involves doing activities that electrically reconnect you to the Earth – or ‘ground’ you. When physically connecting to the Earth by barefoot walking, wild swimming, lying or even sleeping on the ground, your body receives electric charges from the Earth that can have positive effects on your wellbeing.

Better sleep, chronic pain relief, less stress and reduced fatigue are all benefits that have been experienced from practicing Earthing. There is some science that proves these benefits, but regardless, we think you’ll feel liberated from kicking off your shoes and going barefoot for your next yoga or pilates class.

Mindfulness will be made easier

Outdoors is a great place to meditate as your senses are heightened and the parts of the brain which make you more present are activated, which is ultimately what meditation is all about. Additionally, the fresh air elevates your breathing, so if mindfulness is something you struggle with, taking it outside should make it that bit easier.

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