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Summer Gin Cocktails

The gin renaissance continues to take the UK by storm, with the juniper-infused spirit making an appearance in bar menus up and down the country. With distilleries crafting gins according to secret recipes and innovative ingredients, cocktail creations are becoming ever more inventive. Take a look at our top five gin drinks for summer 2017, with an insight into the pioneering distilleries that create the clear but distinctive spirit.

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1. Aperitivo Campestre

This gin creation is made with our gin of the month for July: Gin Mare. The gin hails from a Spanish fishing town, Vilanova, not far from Barcelona. Using an original citrus blend of sweet oranges from Seville, bitter oranges from Valencia and lemons from Lleida, the taste of the Mediterranean has been wholeheartedly captured in this gin. The spirit also has local olives, cardamom, coriander, thyme, basil and rosemary added to it. Capturing an amazing slice of history, the pot still used to create the gin is housed in a chapel in a former monk’s retreat.

Aperitivo Campestre, our creation using Gin Mare, is served with Fever-Tree Mediterranean tonic water and comes garnished with rosemary infused dried orange.


2. The British Refresher

This cooling summer gin drink is created with Bloom London Dry Gin. The distillery aims to capture the floral perfumes of an English country garden, taking inspiration from the natural scent of wildflowers during the summer. Distilled with honeysuckle which creates the sweetness of candied fruit, the gin also has an understated infusion of chamomile. Light and delicately flavoursome, this gin is ideal for summertime drinking.

We’ve added our own twist to this gin in our cocktail, The British Refresher, which comes served with Fever-Tree soda water, garnished with fresh strawberries and mint.

3. The Woodcutter’s Daughter

Silent Pool gin goes into this drink that is the perfect accompaniment to a blissful summer evening. The distillery is located nearby, on the Duke of Northumberland’s Albury Estate in the Surrey Hills. The owners transformed a group of dilapidated farm buildings on the banks of the legendary Silent Pool – a spring-fed lake on the estate – turning them into the production centres of the sustainable Silent Pool Distillery. Our gin creation – The Woodcutter’s Daughter – is inspired by a melancholy story. The beautiful daughter of a woodcutter is said to have gone skinny dipping in the Silent Pool. She was spotted by Prince John, who tried to woo her. She became startled, swam into the centre of the lake and tragically drowned.

We’ve added Fever-Tree lemon tonic water and lavender to Silent Pool’s gin to craft The Woodcutter’s Daughter: a fragrant cocktail with local roots.


4. The Iceland Round Trip

Martin Miller’s Gin marries together the best of the British gin tradition with the superior quality of Icelandic water. After being distilled in England, this gin takes a ten-day journey by sea to Iceland, arriving in the remote village of Borganes. Against the backdrop of a stunning fjord, it’s blended with some of the purest spring water in the world. The dry gin itself is created using carefully selected juniper berries with a high oil content, together with coriander, angelica, lime peel, liquorice root, nutmeg, cassia bark and Florentine iris.

The Iceland Round Trip drink celebrates the story behind this gin. We allow the spirit to speak for itself by adding just a splash of Fever-Tree naturally light tonic water and a cucumber slice.

5. A Cure for Seasickness

Gin Lane 1751 is a London-based gin company that wanted to recreate a range of gins with a classic Victorian style. This is defined by dominant juniper berries, liquorice and Meditteranean inspired citrus. The distillery celebrates the history of the spirit starting from the Gin Act 1751, when a higher quality of gin was crafted.

Blending gin with bitters was first done by the British Royal Navy to balance sweet and dry gins, as well as to help cure seasickness. That’s what inspired us to create A Cure for Seasickness, our gin drink adding a bit of colour to summer by using Gin Lane 1751’s ‘Victoria’ Pink Gin. We’ve added Fever-Tree naturally light tonic water and garnished it with star anise, making it both a stylish and aromatic accompaniment to the great British summertime.

Our gin menu is available in The Lounge every day.

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