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5 favourite pet facts for National Pet Month

We’re a proud nation of animal-lovers, and there’s no better time to celebrate this than during National Pet Month from 1st April to 6th May 2019. Here are our favourite facts about Brits and their pets to mark the occasion.

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National Pet Month is an annual celebration of the benefits animals bring to our lives, raising awareness of responsible pet ownership at the same time. Running for 28 years, National Pet Month is marked by everyone from pet owners to animal charities. Anyone and everyone is encouraged to get involved, which could mean adopting a pet from a shelter, donating to a guide dog charity, buying your pet a new toy or hosting a pet party!

Here are our five best pet facts for National Pet Month…

1. More than half of us are pet owners

According to the PDSA, 51% of UK households own pets. That means more of us are pet owners than not! Of the UK’s total pet population, 9.3 million of them are dogs.

2. We’re a nation of cynophiles…

…that means people who love dogs!

3. Unique nose prints

Every cat and dog has a unique nose print, which is the equivalent of the human fingerprint.

4. Bella, Luna and Charlie

Pets at Home recently revealed the findings of a survey to find the most popular pet names in the UK. Dogs are most likely to be called Bella, Poppy, Lola, Alfie or Charlie. The most popular names for cats are Luna, Bella, Milo, Loki and Gizmo. Reptiles are most likely to be called Spike, Luna, Echo, Athena or Sam. The survey also found that of all pets, parrots are most likely to be given a human name. And of all pet bird names, Charlie, Kirsty, Ollie, Bernard and Basil are the most common.

5. World’s tallest

A couple of British pets hold the Guinness World Record for being the ‘world’s tallest’. Freddy, a Great Dane from Leigh-on-Sea in Essex, is the current living tallest dog in the world, at 103.5 centimetres tall. The tallest ever horse was Sampson from Bedfordshire, who was born in 1864. Sampson was already 219 centimetres tall at four years old!

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