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10 Christmas gifts for people who love to travel

Add the spirit of adventure to Christmas Day with these gift ideas for people who love to travel.

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1. Eye mask

Normal sleep patterns can be knocked off-kilter when travelling, especially when long flights and jetlag are involved. Eye masks create pure darkness, which in turn triggers sleep, helping you adjust to new time zones quicker. Opt for a silky soft eye mask or one with a fun caption to add some personality to a brilliantly functional gift!

2. Afternoon Tea gift voucher

Transport your loved ones away for a few hours with an afternoon tea voucher at The Runnymede. It’s a quintessentially British experience, while our riverside views are truly sublime.

3. Travel pillow

A total lifesaver whether travelling by car, train or plane! Aiding a little extra sleep wherever your loved ones are going, travel pillows will help them feel refreshed and raring to go by the time they arrive.

4. Suitcase

Good luggage makes a huge difference to the ease and comfort of travel. Opt for a lightweight carry-on sized suitcase with lots of pockets for those who travel light. Or if you know someone who likes to bring the kitchen sink, choose a monster-on-wheels they can check-in!

5. Reusable water bottle

Good hydration is important wherever you are, and good reusable water bottles mean no-one needs to go thirsty while travelling. Choose a hand-bag-sized bottles as a space-saving option, or a lightweight stainless steel bottle for a little extra volume. Make sure you select a bottle with eco-friendly credentials too.

6. Beauty kit

Travel-sized pamper kits mean beauty routines don’t have to suffer during time away from home. The ESPA Time for Calm kit includes restorative bath oil, body oil and balm that are all ideal for keeping the skin moisturised and pampered on holiday. The kit costs just £22 and is only available in the run-up to Christmas.

7. Spa experience

If someone on your gift list already has a holiday booked for 2020, do a little research into their destination so you can plan an amazing surprise. Buying them a spa voucher or booking them a spa experience will be a magical way for them to truly unwind.

8. Travel slippers

They may be complimentary in our hotel rooms, but nothing makes you feel at home more than your own snug pair of slippers. Travel slippers can be lightweight and/or foldable, meaning they hardly take up any space in luggage either.

9. Travel journal

In the digital age, going back to good old fashioned pen and paper is a rare luxury. Encourage your travel-mad friends to keep a physical reminder of their holiday memories by giving them a travel journal. It’s something they’ll look back on time and again.

10. Picnic set

Anyone with the travel bug loves new experiences near home as well as abroad. A picnic set will give them the opportunity to make plenty of new memories, and look forward to summertime picnics!

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