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Royal Ascot has established itself as a national institution and the centrepiece of the British social calendar as well as being the ultimate stage for the best racehorses in the world.

The racecourse, situated on Crown Estate Land, was established over 300 years ago by Queen Anne and soon became a popular event in social circles. In the early 19th century, a formal dress code was introduced and this tradition is upheld to this day, making Royal Ascot a key fashion event. Guests attend in formal attire while extravagant hats are always the focus of attention!

Ahead of the races, each of the five days begins with a Royal Procession and visitors can finish the day singing around the bandstand.

Throughout the year, other race days and events are held at Ascot Racecourse, including a summer and Christmas family race day, the Shergar Cup and Concert and British Champions Day.

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